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Ever wanted to be boring? Probably not.

Unless it comes to moving things to the cloud.

Imagine the serenity of a data centre (DC) exit so smooth, so seamless, it's almost... boring. 

No late-night fire drills, no last-minute panics, no ignoring furious phone calls from an angry boss. Just a tranquil transition to the cloud that leaves you wondering, "Was it really that easy?"

Yep, wouldn't it be refreshing if everything were just... well, boring? 

Well, when it comes to DC exits, we’re the bosses of the boring. The pros of predictability. Masters of the mundane. 

And one of our maestros of monotony is Jan Husak. To be clear - Jan is not boring. But he’s been helping deliver real-world DC exits recently, and has shared his guide to the perfect DC exit strategy. 

Find out:

🗺️ What a best-practice DC exit strategy looks like

🤔 The questions you should be asking before transitioning

🫣 What happens if you get things wrong, with a real-life example

📋 How to go about assessing your current assets

🚀 What else you need to do to prepare for a new reality in cloud

So, if you're ready for a little peace and quiet in your IT projects, give Jan’s guide a read.

Your guide to a smooth Data Centre Exit.

What does a successful DC exit strategy look like? (By someone who is delivering one right now).

Get the guide

😎 Planning, pitfalls, pro tips (and parties) on the pod

In the latest Cloud Core podcast, Wojciech is joined by Jan and his partner in crime Piotr, as they delve into - you guessed it - DC exit strategies. 

Think you know everything about migrations? Think again. Listen now to hear:

🤩 Crucial planning aspects including the business case and future-proofing strategies.

🏃 Ways to integrate automation expedite migrations.

🤸 What a flexible approach looks like and the dangers of adopting a rigid strategy.

👪 Stakeholders, proving value and who needs to be involved for a successful move.

Oh, and ever heard of a migration success party? Trust us, they are a thing, and they guys will tell you why. Listen here.

👌 7Rs explained

Moving from a data centre to the cloud brings the focus to the ‘7Rs’ - the different strategies to cloud migration.

Jan shares his - sometimes unpopular - opinion as to why ‘Rehost’ (aka lift and shift) might just be your best bet, in terms of simplicity and speed, as well as opening doors to tackling technical debt and ensuring accurate IT inventory.

Jan breaks down all the other ‘R’ options too, so you can make the right choice for your business goals and budget.

Read it here.

💰 Costs are a big part of this

Is the prospect of cloud bills keeping you up at night? Scared of the CFO breathing down your neck? Feel like your trusty data centre is the safer bet? 

Check out our handy infographic comparing cloud and on-premises costs. See real-life figures showing how a simple adjustment can lead to a remarkable 63% annual savings. 

Get the comparisons here.

📢  Cloud quote of the month

“The costs they were seeing were more than double what had been projected in their DC exit strategy. And, when projections were around $300k, that’s a pretty major problem.”


 📰  What we’ve been talking about this month

💔 I Used ChatGPT to Woo My Valentine (and why it didn't work).

💸 Microsoft invests €3.2bn in data centres & AI in Germany

🛰️ Google Cloud’s methane-tracking satellite project

🤖 ChatGPT vs. Gemini: Which is right for you?

📈 Why Azure could overtake AWS by 2026

🗓️ Some dates for your diary:


28-29 February - Singapore: Aviation Festival Asia

Where better to host an aviation festival than Singapore? We’re there this week, chatting with the world’s airlines and airports. Catch you there?

21 March - Utrecht: Byte meets buy

How are retail and CPG companies tweaking CCoE processes to overcome innovation blockers? Join our talk and interactive workshops. Secure your spot.

Microsoft Ignite

Designed for tech influencers, Ignite packs a punch with dynamic speaker sessions, business case explorations, and networking opportunities. Join us at one near you.

15 March - Stockholm: Join Hans for his breakout session ‘Rethink cloud innovation with platform engineering’

21 March - Vienna: Join Mario for his breakout session ‘AI-Driven Future: Innovating with Azure IaaS in the Digital Era.’

And come join our elite group of public cloud practitioners over dinner at Vienna’s Cloud Connoisseurs Club. Secure your exclusive spot here.

26 March - Helsinki: Join us for a chat and see how you can do more with Azure.

Cloud Training

19-20 March - Stockholm + Virtual: FinOps Certified Practitioner Training. Register here,

This 2-day remote course is for people who want to learn FinOps best practices and become a certified practitioner. 

5 March - Stockholm + Virtual: Architecting on AWS. Register here.

5 March - Oslo + Virtual: AWS Technical Essentials. Register here.

12 March - Stockholm + Virtual: DevOps Engineering on AWS. Register here.

14 March - Helsinki + Virtual: AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. Register here.

19 March - Oslo + Virtual: Security Engineering on AWS. Register here.19 March - Stockholm + Virtual: Planning & Designing Databases on AWS. Register here.

🎧 Something to listen to in the home office

Audible apathy - listen to these songs about being bored.

Thanks for reading, 

I’ll be back with more fresh thoughts next month.

Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
Having written for the likes of Time Out, Pret a Manger and Birkenstock, Darren's passionate about connecting people with brands through engaging content.

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