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Even with the best intentions, automotive companies are struggling to fill cloud skills gaps. Our research found 4 umbrella reasons for this:

  • The skills supply isn’t keeping up – because it’s a rapidly evolving space
  • People have to unlearn as well as learn – you’re challenging how traditional infra managers have always valued themselves 
  • To get maximum value from cloud, you need new ways of working – and agile/DevOps are hard to execute 
  • Cloud skills are perceived as a cost – and recruitment is both difficult and expensive

This ebook is a beast at 50-odd pages, but it is THE cloud upskilling bible for automotive companies.

My 3 favourite bits in the ebook are the matrices/tick-lists for:

  1. Conducting an “as-is” analysis of the organisation’s cloud skills level and mapping roles to skills requirements
  2. Planning training pathways
  3. Steps for embedding new skills and ways of working via a pilot project

Get the upskilling ebook here.

UK Automobile Association takes cloud skills up a gear

They wanted to create a unified data lake with new analytics capabilities. 

Their problem: although there was Azure experience within the team, they needed additional cloud upskilling and agile training to develop and support the data and analytics platform the way they wanted. Read how they designed a customised cloud upskilling programme.

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Christian Hindsch
Christian HindschLinkedInHead of Industry Automotive
Christian Hindsch
Christian HindschLinkedInHead of Industry Automotive

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