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🎃 4 things you might be scared of in cloud right now.

🧙 Powerful Gen AI Potions

We start with the powerful potion that’s Gen AI. In the eerie hype, many get lost in a murky mess trying to find the right mix.

So, our data wizards Allan and Steve joined the latest Cloud Core podcast to give their thoughts on harnessing GenAI in your cloud environment. No need for a crystal ball, just a pair of headphones, and you’ll hear the right ingredients to get started. Listen here.

Then our data demons bring you the first in a series of Gen AI FAQ blogs. They’ve been talking with creepy customers, and found some consistent questions being asked - like the types of POC organisations are trying, tech strengths and weaknesses and the role of public cloud. Read more here.

🧟 Legacy zombies

Legacy apps are a bit like zombies. In the dead of night, they punch their fists through the turf, haul themselves out of their graveyard slumber, and eventually catch up with you to make your life a living hell.

Or they end up costing you a load of money and stop innovation. Either way, not a great look.

Our expert Pasi has some truths around app modernisation. Read his blog to discover how it's not just about cost savings, but about future-proofing your digital dungeon through faster development, enhanced scalability and efficient problem-solving. See it here.

👻 Ghostly cloud costs

Are cloud bills giving you the heebie-jeebies? Feel like your CFO is haunting you?

Dive into our cloud costs infographic and uncover the truth behind why cloud beats on-prem when it comes to costs, and say “boo” to any doubts.

See why you need to ghost the idea of 'lift and shift' from your old data centre to the cloud. And these aren’t phantom savings, you’ll see real-life figures like how a simple tweak can lead to a jaw-dropping 63% annual savings. See what we mean.

🕷️ Compliance creepy crawlies

Security breaches and compliance critters can creep up on you. Check this blog to get the latest automation tips and tricks to stamp on these threats for good.

In the eerie realm of security automation, many believe that some tasks demand an icy-cold human touch, especially when regulatory compliance is at stake. See the 3 spine-chilling things that can use automation without compromising standards, and check our top tips for automation excellence. Read it here.

🧛 Creepiest cloud quote of the month

“When used unsupervised, LLMs can produce hallucinations, which are responses that ‘sound’ right but are actually lies.”

It’s not quite the Terminator just yet, but those machines can’t always be trusted.

👿 Nothing scary here

As Jan descends through the eerie depths of Nordcloud for six spine-chilling years…

You know what, there’s actually no point in making this sound scary. Our CEO Jan’s just written a really nice blog on his time at Nordcloud and what makes us, us. So go and read it.

💀 Are you killing it with cloud?

Or do things feel a bit, well, broken?

Fresh from speaking at a recent event, our expert Mikkel Sørensen talks about how almost everyone has taken the plunge into the cloud, but not everyone's quite killing it just yet.

(And that's perfectly fine, by the way).

Read Mikkel’s blog to find out what your next steps might be.

📰  What we’ve been talking about this month

😎 Gartner’s picked out its top strategic tech trends for 2024

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🤩 How to stand out as a candidate in tech

🤷 Can cloud competition be tackled?

🗓️ Some dates for your diary:

22-23 November - Telfs: LSZ CIO Kongress West

Austrian? Work in IT? You should probably attend the annual meeting of the Austrian IT committee, where our Austria CTO Mario’s speaking. More info here.

7 November - Munich: AWS User Group Meetup

We’ll be joined by Henrik from BMW to talk about managing a massive AWS environment in a serveless way. Join us.

27 November - 1 December - AWS re:Invent 2023 

Buzzing to be attending this year's re:Invent in Las Vegas. Plus, we’ll be raising the stakes and hosting local watch parties across Europe - stay tuned for more info. 

🤖  Robots can be part of Halloween, right?

Did you catch our panel discussion Open AI: Don’t just play, make it pay? It was pretty cool. We were joined by speakers from Microsoft, our AI experts and a robot mascot. So if you’re sick of Gen AI 101 basics and want practical ideas to take back to your colleagues – watch this recording.

⚰️ Something to listen to in the home office

Ghostbusters? Tick. Thriller? Tick. That’ll do then.

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I’ll be back with some (non-Halloween-themed) thoughts next month.

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Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
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