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It’s the July edition of Cloud Core.

And that means cracking open an ice-cold can of cloud cleverness, with a refreshing summer twist

Let’s talk about governance. Specifically CCoEs.

How do you ensure your CCoE is riding the waves of success? 

Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoEs) should help to make cloud adoption feel like a warm summer breeze across your business.

But, many are built like sandcastles on traditional governance structures. When the tides change and waves roll in, these structures sometimes crumble, struggling to keep up with an evolving cloud journey. 

Sands shift, technologies advance, and the original CCoE design becomes as outdated as last season's swimsuit.

It’s why our CCoE expert, Christian, has taken a deep dive into the evolution of CCoEs and how businesses should ride the waves of change in 2023 - in this blog.

He shares the valuable lessons learned from CCoEs that failed to make a splash, and how these learnings can help you cruise to success. 

It's worth a read. Whether you enjoy it from your home office or a sandy shore.

Cloud transformation hit the rocks?

Are the waves of governance issues causing turbulence on your beachfront? Chill. We’ve got a step-by-step guide to reduce the pain and increase the ROI of your CCoE.

Download it here

COP onto this.

CCoEs are great. And crucial in accelerating adoption. 

But communities of practice (CoPs) can provide a more personal channel for those doing the actual delivery.   

They’re also a valuable feedback channel to keep the CCoE in touch with the reality on the ground – avoiding the risk of becoming an ivory tower.

And, with so much information and so many best practices, it can be hard to see what’s relevant. Actual hands-on experience is an untapped resource - and why CoPs can be invaluable.

Our expert Douglas explains the concept of communities of practice and how you can get one started here.

Based on Allan, B. (2008). Knowledge creation within a community of practice.

📢 Cloud quote of the month

“CCoE’s haven’t kept pace with the various stages of enterprise cloud journeys. They lacked engineering execution power and therefore resulted in blueprints, guidelines and restrictions only.”

That’s why things should probably change then.

Happy Birthday NHS

This month, the UK’s National Health Service celebrated its 75th birthday.

Were they talking about CCoEs in 1948? Probably not.

Are they talking about them now?.
Yes. In fact, it’s a key part of helping drive the modernisation of IT and data services that support clinicians and help patients get the best care.

We’re really popular in healthcare

On the subject of healthcare, we’ve been chosen by Sykehuspartner – one of Norway’s key healthcare and public sector organisations – as their main cloud partner.

📰 What we’ve been talking about this month

🏝 Out of Office?

  • It’s that time of year where everyone is out of office. Apart from you. So here’s a little treat. A summer vacation story, courtesy of a sprinkling of Nordcloud customers.
  • ✈️ It’s holiday time. There’s no feeling quite like it. You arrive at the airport, enjoy a smooth check-in and an even smoother flight with Finnair.
  • 🚗 You arrive at your destination feeling smug, as you’ve booked your Volkswagen hire car months in advance.
  • 🐚 You cruise down the coast to arrive at your hotel on a beach, restored by Van Oord.
  • ☀️ You fancy a quick sunbathe that afternoon but forgot your sun cream - best head to Carrefour.
  • 🤳 And a holiday isn’t a holiday without making all your friends jealous of your trip. Thankfully, there’s a good 5G network courtesy of Ericsson. Instagram spam away.

Some dates for your diary:

  • 20-21 September - Copenhagen: Cloud FestivalInfra, compliance, AI, sustainability, security and other key cloud trends for both private and public organisations. And probably Danish pastries at some point. Join us.
  • 26-28 September - Lisbon: World Aviation Festival Fly high with us at the World Aviation Festival, where the sky's the limit for innovation and industry excellence.

Thanks for reading, 

I’ll be back with more fresh thoughts next month.

Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
Having written for the likes of Time Out, Pret a Manger and Birkenstock, Darren's passionate about connecting people with brands through engaging content.
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