AWS Training for MedHelp’s IT team to help them adopt public cloud quicker and become more self-sufficient.









AWS Training for MedHelp’s IT team to help them adopt public cloud quicker and become more self-sufficient.

The Challenge

MedHelp is a healthcare provider that offers remote care. The company creates smart solutions within eHealth. Ever since the company was founded in 2000, the focus has been on combining medical expertise and healthcare advice with advanced technical solutions. This has lead to MedHelp being the pioneers in the industry that make social benefit with new thinking in focus.

To stay on top of the game MedHelp has been using AWS public cloud for about 3 years with the help of Nordcloud consultants but wanted to take platform administration more into their own hands to be able to respond to market changes in real time and create new innovations faster. For this to be possible MedHelp needed to solve the digital skills mismatch first.

“Learning the foundation of AWS was quite easy on our own, but to fully leverage the more powerful features of the Cloud we needed some help.” says Jack Pettersson, System Administrator and Infrastructure Architect at MedHelp.


The Solution

Based on discussions and assessment between Nordcloud and MedHelp, Nordcloud Training scoped a 3 course AWS training track to be delivered every other week for a team of 10 experts.

The official AWS Trainings are a mixture of instructor-led trainings, group exercises and hands-on labs to be able to try new skills and apply theory and knowledge to the working environment through a variety of practical exercises.

As a cloud-native company Nordcloud was also able to bring real world experience into the trainings and Pettersson stated that the instructors were very knowledgeable and managed to tailor the courses to MedHelp’s needs while still keeping true to the AWS curriculum.


The Results

By providing extensive training for the team MedHelp is now able to take care of the AWS platform administration by themselves, and having Nordcloud as its Managed Cloud provider MedHelp is now able to focus on creating new innovations for the healthcare market. Pettersson feels that the training has definitely helped MedHelp break limitations they previously had and has created inspiration for new projects. It also boosted MedHelp’s productivity and gave them a wider view of what the cloud has to offer.

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