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Addressing skills gaps to boost innovation velocity.

  • Greater value from cloud
  • Provided 3-course AWS training
  • Provided in-house platform management

Project Summary.

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The client.

MedHelp is a healthcare provider that offers remote care and creates smart e-health solutions.

Ever since the company was founded in 2000, the focus has been on combining medical expertise and healthcare advice with advanced technical solutions, making the company an industry pioneer in this rapidly growing area. 

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Enabling people to work with new skills so as to boost business value from the cloud.

MedHelp had been using AWS for 3 years, with Nordcloud providing managed services. The company wanted to move to the next stage of their cloud journey, taking platform administration in-house. Envisaging their cloud-enabled future, the goal was to boost their ability to respond to market changes in real time – and to increase velocity for innovation.

To do this, MedHelp needed to address its digital skills mismatch and truly enable people to work with cloud skills. 

Learning the foundation of AWS was quite easy on our own, but to fully leverage the more powerful features of the cloud, we needed some help.

Jack Pettersson

System Administrator and Infrastructure Architect; MedHelp

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Training programme focused on closing skills gaps and embedding new ways of working. After assessing MedHelp’s current capabilities, we developed a training plan to enable people with new skills and then help embed them into day-to-day working practices.

We scoped out a 3-course AWS training track to be delivered every other week for a team of 10 experts. Each course was a mixture of instructor-led training, group exercises and hands-on labs, so team members could apply the new skills and theories in a working environment.

Skills analysis

To identify gaps and underpin training plans.

Training courses

Dedicated to MedHelp teams to develop AWS skills.

Embedding skills

With hands-on labs, to take skills out of the classroom and into day-to-day work.

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  • Greater agility and velocity – and greater ongoing value from the cloud.
  • MedHelp filled its skills gaps and successfully took over platform administration. 
  • The training helped teams embed the new skills in a way that allowed them to overcome previously perceived constraints, provided inspiration for new projects and increased velocity.

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