Leveraging Cloud Advisory support to deliver reliable customer experiences as a digital educational platform.

  • Optimised Kahoot!’s Google Cloud solutions
  • Prioritised cost-effective growth
  • 15 million increase in users supported by Google Cloud

Project Summary.

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The client.

Kahoot! is a popular Norwegian learning and engagement  platform for learners of all ages. Kahoot! users can use the platform to generate, share and compete in quizzes via web browser and mobile apps. 

In recent years, its number of users has increased significantly:

  • Over 9 million teachers worldwide now use Kahoot! materials to boost classroom participation.
  • 97% of Fortune 500 companies have engaged with the platform for training and team building.
  • 8 billion (non-unique) participants in more than 200 countries have joined hundreds of millions of learning sessions since Kahoot!’s launch.




Project Background.

Kahoot! began using Google Cloud services to deliver its services to users and brought in Nordcloud for its advisory services. With the onset of Kahoot!’s significant growth, Nordcloud was there to support in scaling its educational platform sustainably and cost-effectively.

The challenges accompanying its phenomenal growth led Kahoot! to seek out a new solution.


  • Commercial strength

Kahoot! aimed to better track engagement, match customer preferences for commercial success and develop new services and features faster.


  • Sustainable growth

Kahoot!’s commercial growth had skyrocketed from 0 to 1.3 million paying subscriptions in less than 6 years. 

As its business grew and scaled, the potential benefits of optimising its Google Cloud usage also increased. 

The challenge for us is to always deliver a great experience for the millions of users who play Kahoot! at key times of the day.

We knew we couldn’t launch additional products or support millions of new users without moving key services to a fast and secure cloud-based platform.


CTO, Kahoot!

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Nordcloud's Advisory.

Together, our advisors and Kahoot!’s teams collaborate to optimise its use of Google Cloud.

The partnership initially focused on how Kahoot! could scale with Google Cloud to reach millions of customers, enable more reliable service delivery during peak times and leverage interoperability with Google Classroom and Google Meet. 

Kahoot! doubled its users from 15 to 30 million in the 18 months supported by Google Cloud while gradually taking advantage of microservices, improving the developer experience and expanded its library to reach a total of more than 40 million games and quizzes.

Nordcloud has a proven track record of empowering companies to grow on Google Cloud. 

Nordcloud has supported us in our journey of maximising our usage of Google Cloud solutions that best fit our budget and performance requirements.


CTO; Kahoot!

Our Approach.

Our advisors support Kahoot! in optimising its portfolio of Google Cloud services.

Empowering Kahoot! to grow on Google Cloud

To support high-availability and protect user privacy, Kahoot! securely stores crucial data on Cloud Storage while taking advantage of key features such as granular access control and automatic data encryption.

Optimising usage of Google Cloud solutions

Beyond the initial focus on how Kahoot! could scale with Google Cloud to reach millions of customers, we assist Kahoot! in evaluating additional solutions such as Looker.

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Kahoot! now leverages secure, low-latency Google Cloud solutions, including Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and BigQuery, to cost-effectively scale its learning platform and efficiently deliver educational services to over 30 million users.

As Kahoot!’s trusted cloud partner, Nordcloud’s hyperscaler expertise continues to support Kahoot!’s innovative customer solutions.

Its new educational services include Kahoot! Academy and Kahoot! Marketplace, a digital space where content creators can create, share and monetise their content.

Being able to run analytic queries on large datasets and visualise meaningful insights has been crucial to grow from 0 revenue in 2017 to 1.3 million paying subscriptions by the end of 2022.


CTO, Kahoot!

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