Complete cloud migration in just 7 months

How we helped Finnair navigate their cloud migration journey

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7 months to migrate 400 VMs and 70 applications to the cloud

Finnair, Finland’s flagship airline, saw the cloud as an essential step in their digital transformation journey – helping drive an ambitious strategy for growing market share. 

In this case study, read how we helped Finnair move approximately 400 VMs and 70 applications to the cloud in 7 months with a Nordcloud Managed Cloud Migration. It includes detail on:

  • Our zero up-front cost approach, spreading costs out as opex and leveraging vendor funding
  • Lift and shift versus rearchitecting/replatforming to deliver the speed and capabilities Finnair needed
  • Integrating managed services into the migration process to give Finnair more agility, greater TCO savings and faster value