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Opening new levels of business intelligence with a powerful data analytics solution.

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Enhanced data analytics to drive more meaningful business insights.



Migrated from outdated, costly legacy database and analytics systems to a Google Cloud data solution.



Introduced agile working methodologies and DevOps to improve speed of development.


Carrefour is one of the world’s largest retailers, with its chain of supermarkets and convenience stores comprising 12,225 locations operating in over 30 countries.

As the entire Carrefour enterprise moved to Google Cloud as its main cloud provider, Carrefour Poland needed support in building a modern data analytics solution in this new environment.


Legacy databases were very costly with limited data throughput and performance. Outdated reporting systems – used for analytics and dashboarding – were struggling to give users the access, visibility and insights they needed.

The Carrefour enterprise had adopted Google Cloud as its main backbone for infrastructure and platform solutions, and needed to power greenfield Google development.

For the data solution to be effective, the different retail datasets need to be ingested and processed, which had complexities considering the volume and variety of data in question.



Data PoC

In 3 months, Nordcloud delivered a proof of concept (PoC) data solution. This also included cost analysis, estimates for the development of a full-scale solution, and performance verification.

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Data Platform Build

Following the successful PoC, the team proceeded to develop the full platform. This included pulling the data into a typical Google data storage and pipeline model, plus analytics and dashboards.


Cloud best practices

By working closely with the Carrefour team, Nordcloud introduced a series of cloud-native tools and processes to help transform delivery agility.


Nordcloud’s Google and cloud expertise helped Carrefour Poland successfully move its data operations to a powerful cloud-native platform.

Migrating the legacy database solutions to the cloud resulted in significant cost and time savings, while improving data throughput. The modern data analytics platform delivers the access, visibility and insights to meet Carrefour Poland’s needs in optimising business operations through data.

Nordcloud introduced new agile methodologies and DevOps, which allowed for faster and smoother development and delivery. These cloud-native processes have transformed delivery of cloud projects and will continue to benefit the Carrefour Poland team in the future.

Carrefour case study

“Cloud-native technology allows us greater scalability and flexibility for future innovation. We chose Nordcloud to help us implement the data platform, using cloud-native expertise that would help embed this agility in the way we work.”

Łukasz Szylberg
Main Solution Architect, Carrefour Poland


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