Carrefour case study

Carrefour Poland.

Opening new levels of business intelligence with a powerful data analytics solution.

  • New data analytics platform built
  • In partnership with Google Cloud, serving
  • 600+ different data views

Project Summary.

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The client.

Carrefour is one of the world’s largest retailers, with its chain of supermarkets and convenience stores comprising 12,225 locations operating in over 30 countries.

This project saw Nordcloud work in partnership with Google Cloud to modernise the data estate for the whole of Carrefour Poland

Project background.

As the entire Carrefour enterprise moved to Google Cloud as its main cloud provider, Carrefour Poland needed support in building a modern data analytics solution in this new environment.

Carrefour Poland was using old data systems for their analytics requirements. Following a recommendation from Google, Carrefour chose Nordcloud to support the team with building a modern cloud-native data solution.


  • Outdated systems

Legacy databases were very costly with limited data throughput and performance. Outdated reporting systems – used for analytics and dashboarding – were struggling to give users the access, visibility and insights they needed.

  • Enabling greenfield Google Cloud development

The Carrefour enterprise had adopted Google Cloud as its main backbone for infrastructure and platform solutions, and needed to power greenfield Google development.

  • Data complexity

For the data solution to be effective, the different retail datasets need to be ingested and processed, which had complexities considering the volume and variety of data in question.

Working with the large datasets is crucial for global enterprises like Carrefour. We needed a solution that would firstly meet the directives of our global headquarters, but be modern and scalable for the growing demand of the Polish market. Google Cloud allowed us to achieve this. 


Main Solution Architect, Carrefour Poland



Cloud-native data solution

A modernised, cloud-native data solution was needed to overhaul the legacy database throughput and performance, and provide improvements in analytics, reporting, dashboarding to give users the access, visibility and insights needed.

Tackling complexity

A greenfield data analytics platform was required, with the capabilities to ingest any data type and utilise Google services to transform, standardise and deliver the data to various dashboarding and reporting systems.

Google Cloud Logo

Google Cloud expertise

The whole Carrefour company had adopted Google Cloud as its main backbone for infrastructure and platform solutions, but there was an opportunity to level up processes and skills around greenfield developments.

Creating a Data PoC.

In 3 months, Nordcloud delivered a proof of concept (PoC) data solution, with Google co-investment. This included cost analysis, estimates for the development of a full-scale solution, and performance verification. 

  • Data ingestion

In order to accurately estimate the scale of the project, the Nordcloud team worked with data obtained from Carrefour Poland’s POS systems, one of the key data sources.

  • Proving performance

Based on the available input, the team were able to identify and eliminate inconsistencies in the estimated performance of the final solution, to guarantee the best results. 

  • Showcasing Google Cloud capabilities

This was also a chance to showcase Google functionalities such as native DevOps/CI/CD support, integrated monitoring, scalability, cost management, simple access control management, native backup and recovery mechanisms.

Moving an entire system of a multinational retail corporation has to be done carefully, as it has to match the goals of the global enterprise, but reflect the specific local needs of the team. 

Working side-by-side, to build and work through a common vision together, we were able to organise the data and create a scalable, powerful data solution.

And our agile way of working helped us remain on the right path, and prevented any wrong turns or inefficiencies, saving time, costs and improving morale.


Project Manager, Nordcloud

Data Build on Google.

Following a successful PoC that demonstrated the potential of Google Cloud for this type of data build, the team proceeded to develop the full platform.


Building a modern data analytics platform

The solution created by Nordcloud pulled in the POS data of Carrefour Poland, as well as the valuable stock and reference data into a typical Google data storage and pipeline model.

Showcasing valuable business insight

The MVP was able to effectively pull and analyse the data as well as translate it into the easy-to-follow dashboards, filled with important details of the company’s performance.

Providing continuous data support

Nordcloud continues to work side-by-side with Carrefour Poland to ensure the smooth transition from the old on-prem database solution to Google Cloud.  We have also enabled integration of Google with Qlik Sense for expanded business intelligence usages.

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Introducing cloud best practices.

By working closely with the Carrefour team, Nordcloud introduced a series of cloud-native tools and processes to help transform delivery agility.

Adopting agile

The Nordcloud team introduced agile scrum methodology based on rapid response and transparent communication. This significantly improved understanding across the stakeholders, and enabled more accurate, efficient and agile delivery of the project.


The Nordcloud team also implemented DevOps principles into deployments. Automation of deployments was introduced with Terraform and CI/CD, plus automated testing. And the Nordcloud experts also upskilled the Carrefour team on these principles.

Collaborative evolution

Both teams worked together to continually improve ways of working, and develop processes and infrastructure that meet the requirements of the global Carrefour business, while aligning with local market needs. 

Carrefour Poland Data Platform Setup

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Nordcloud’s Google and cloud expertise helped Carrefour Poland successfully move its data operations to a powerful cloud-native platform.

Speed of delivery

Optimised business operations through data

Migrating the legacy database solutions to the cloud resulted in significant cost and time savings, while improving data throughput. The modern data analytics platform delivers the access, visibility and insights to meet Carrefour Poland’s needs.

Transformed delivery

Faster development

Nordcloud introduced new agile methodologies and DevOps, which allowed for faster and smoother development and delivery. These cloud-native processes have transformed delivery of cloud projects and will continue to benefit the Carrefour Poland team in the future.


Improved data throughput

The new platform enables Carrefour to process the largest datasets quickly and easily, helping analyse data counted in TBs and several dozens of datasets from every key system

Enhanced data insights

The Carrefour team are empowered to be more data-driven in their decision making. The new data platform provides outputs to a dozen downstream systems through 600+ different views.

The Nordcloud team have provided our business with good service in the area of Google Cloud data platform development.

Their work has been a major factor in our analytical data platform’s success, helping it become the main source of analytics data at Carrefour Poland and one of the sources for Carrefour global data projects.


IT Director, Carrefour Poland

Carrefour case study

Next Steps.

Following a strong collaboration, the Nordcloud and Carrefour Poland teams have established a trusting, positive and transparent working relationship, providing a solid foundation for future projects.

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