Distribution Innovation case study

Distribution Innovation.

Transforming analytics from reporting to prediction with an innovative data platform

  • Created a self-serve data analytics platform
  • Built with IaC to greatly reduce deployment time
  • Designed user-friendly interface

Project Summary.

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The client.

Distribution Innovation (DI) is the leading technology company for media logistics in Northern Europe. DI develops technologies for companies in need of solutions for subscription services or logistics, covering the entire value chain from order to delivery.

More than 2.2 million products are delivered through DI’s systems every day, and its cutting-edge technology reaches more than 5 million households throughout the Nordic countries.

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Project background.

With customers’ interest in data growing substantially, and data becoming more and more fundamental to decision-making, innovation and process optimisation, DI saw the opportunity to provide a solution for customers to fully utilise their data for insight and forecasting. 


DI wanted to build a cloud-native data analytics platform that would enable customers to work in a self-service way to browse, export, process and pay for data via a user-friendly web interface. There were some key requirements:

  • Strategic thinking

Firstly, the partner needed to understand the overall strategy – not just the technical side but also the business aspects of creating a platform and working as a central team.

  • AWS Experts

DI also sought a partner with strong experience with AWS infrastructure and incentive programs, as the data platform would be built as an extension of DI’s existing AWS architecture.

  • Data Heroes

The solution needed the capabilities to ingest any data type and utilise AWS services to transform and standardise data, built with the IaC to automate customer deployments.

Nordcloud demonstrated clear technical and business skills, plus excellent experience with how to leverage the AWS Incentive Program effectively. 

It was a perfect match from the beginning.


CTO; Distribution Innovation

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IaC Solution

A key deliverable was that the solution would be self-sustainable, so once built, DI would not have to spend time on any infrastructure. The solution was also implemented as IaC, enabling self-service for developers, and reducing time-consuming rollouts.


Data + AWS = Excellence

Nordcloud embedded its expertise in both data and AWS, with the technical capacity to engineer and execute a data solution that reflected DI’s requirements.

Cloud-Native Data Specialists

A key win was Nordcloud’s experience with modern, cloud-native data solutions, combined with the understanding of DI’s AWS stack, and how to implement the services that would deliver specific data needs.

One Team, One Goal.

  • Collaboration

The Nordcloud team took a very collaborative approach, integrated within DI as if they were part of the business and focusing mainly on technical aspects, while DI delved into the key requirements, features and testing.

  • Business transparency

This approach enabled full transparency across all consultations, with the team collaborating across the business with one clear goal.

  • Customer focus

The pilot customers were central, as teams worked closely with these end users from the beginning, contributing to design, usage requirements and testing in a collaborative, iterative process.

We chose to include our customers from the very beginning, making sure we had the best grounding and true user knowledge throughout the project. 

We synced Nordcloud with real customers and customer cases from the very first release, then we expanded our pilot program, bringing in more customers as we progressed. 

The  pilot program has been extremely insightful and constructive. Customers can see that we are taking their needs seriously, with the clear end goal  that we finally can give them quality  data to be utilised for many purposes.


CTO; Distribution Innovation

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  • The solution was successfully architectured with the pipelines to convert all kinds of data into a structured data warehouse and export the data for any customer.
  • As part of the data platform build, some legacy database solutions were migrated to the cloud, helping DI with significant cost and time savings.
  • The previous on-premise solution would run overnight, every night, for 8-10 hours, processing a day’s worth of customer data.
  • Now, the cloud-native modern data solution processes this data in seconds. It has the power to process 3 years of data in just 2 hours, at a fraction of the cost of the on-premise system.
  • Moreover, the platform was delivered according to DI’s project plan and achieved with remote teams collaborating during a difficult time throughout the pandemic.
  • This modern data solution is another successful addition to DI’s portfolio as a modern cloud-native services provider.

The Nordcloud team worked quickly and to the point, and were able to anticipate our needs incredibly well. 

They take their customers seriously in all aspects of their relationship and are eager to put specific experts on specific aspects of the job, which meant flexibility, speed and accuracy with each stage of delivery.


Head of Cloud; Distribution Innovation

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