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A Gartner-Recognised Managed Service Provider.

Keep your cloud infrastructure available, optimised and secure at all times

Workloads built on public cloud platforms are your responsibility. If they fail, you’re stuck – and your business suffers. We take away the risk, while freeing your tech teams to focus on delivery and innovation.

Nordcloud is recognised in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Managed Services. We’re a partner of choice thanks to our cloud-native approach, flexible service and multi-cloud expertise – which give you a more proactive and agile service.

From incident and monitoring to disaster recovery and vulnerability scanning – we make running and scaling the cloud simple. One client summed it up with: “Nordcloud helps us focus, develop and scale our core product. At the same time, we can be confident that our customer’s services are supported and maintained 24/7 by the leading professionals in the field.”

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Why Nordcloud?


No lock-in

You have maximum flexibility because there are no rigid, multi-year contracts or minimum purchase requirements beyond the service experience.

Cloud-native approach

We’re cloud pioneers with deep PaaS and DevOps expertise. You have more agility and velocity because cloud natives are working for you proactively

Multi-cloud expertise

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms – so you get comprehensive and integrated support across your cloud services, accelerating innovation.

Nordcloud cloud services

Comprehensive Support.

Managed services that keep you on the front foot

Whatever your level of cloud adoption, we have a managed service for you. Our end-to-end portfolio covers everything you need to resolve and restore; increase resilience and futureproof; and evolve and enhance your cloud environments. This means you have expert support in everything you need to maximise uptime and performance – from 24/7 incident management and disaster recovery to cloud admin on-demand and vulnerability scanning

Flexible Service.

Managed services that work the way you need them to

We’re a managed service provider that focuses on flexibility and agility – key features you need from all aspects of the cloud. This means there’s no vendor lock-in, no long contracts, no re-architecting of infrastructure and no enforced software. Importantly, you can scale up and down based on your requirements – so your service model reflects the way you use cloud, so you maximise value while managing support costs.

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Enabling Innovation with Cloud APIs — IndustryHack API for Veho

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