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Shifting to a flexible, independent cloud approach to drive savings and agility.


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Moved from a traditional IT provider to a more independent, flexible cloud approach.


Modern cloud environment enables fast rollout of new services and software at scale.

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Reduced license and capacity costs through cloud migration and modernisation.

Taking back control for a traditional services provider.

When a major Dutch retailer wanted to take back control of its IT infrastructure from a traditional services provider, it turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Nordcloud for help. Breaking out of this structure would allow the retailer to be less dependent, make decisions faster and be more agile and efficient with new releases.

The retailer had its back-end infrastructure on-premises, but wanted to modernise the hosting of its core systems, and create a flexible and scalable environment on AWS. To help with a smooth and fast transition, they sought a cloud-native AWS managed services provider to accelerate migration to AWS and manage application modernisation. They also wanted a partner that could help upskill an in-house development team, with AWS expertise needed to drive future growth.

The Nordcloud culture was the perfect match for our modern IT team. The cloud-native, get-things-done managed services approach Nordcloud bring is exactly what we needed. The fact they only work with cloud brings a real focus and expertise that helps in reaching our goals efficiently.

Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure & Platforms

Establishing a modern cloud infrastructure.

Having previously used AWS to build components for its e-commerce environment, this setup was applied to the rest of the IT infrastructure. Nordcloud’s managed cloud services team worked in tandem with the team to establish a new AWS cloud infrastructure. After an architecture review and AWS Migration Acceleration Programme for Windows workloads, Nordcloud then supported migration of the enterprise data centre applications. 

A major part of this was building the AWS landing zone. The landing zone allowed the retailer to ramp up multiple team workloads on AWS, now with 7 teams and 150 services (up from 10 just 3 years ago) working on AWS.

The next major step was to migrate and modernise the back-end environment, made up of 15 mainly SAP components including ERP, PIM, customer data, merchandising, financial and HR systems, all on-premise. Nordcloud’s experts migrated 54 services to the new AWS infrastructure. And Nordcloud’s managed services team continue to modernise applications, with its integrated cloud-native approach helping cut license and usage costs, improve security, and roll out new services faster.

Working with Nordcloud helped shift to a cloud culture.

Nordcloud’s managed services team also maintains regular updates, manages changes, releases new features and provides expert support on a daily basis. It means the retailer sees day-by-day empowerment as well as a defined AWS upskilling program. This includes consolidating environments into AWS and improving security and best practices, such as rolling out IaC across all activities. Nordcloud also provides continued input into the Cloud Centre of Excellence, helping centralise cloud competencies and best practices, to drive cloud adoption across the business.

The knowledge and experience that Nordcloud provide day-to-day is invaluable. It’s helped enormously. We have big plans for the future of our IT infrastructure in cloud, and the Nordcloud team helps accelerate our development towards these goals.

Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure & Platforms

Ready for the future.

Supported by cloud-native managed cloud services, the retailer has taken control of its infrastructure from a traditional IT service provider, and now has best practices and technology in place to scale up its in-house operations.

Business-wide agility is enabled through flexible, scalable and repeatable hosting environments. A modern AWS environment means the retailer can react fast to market changes and roll out new applications. It now has a strong, scalable, future-proof foundation for driving strategic growth.

These changes have led to 30% less infrastructure costs while providing infrastructure much faster than in the past. Savings come from licence and capacity optimisation plus hosting and maintenance contracts. 95% of on-premises workloads are now optimised and running on AWS.

During the pandemic, the new flexibility of this cloud environment meant the retailer could quickly roll out ship-from-store functionality, built in a serverless environment on AWS. Without the agility cloud enables, this wouldn’t have been possible. Large scale rollouts can be made available quickly across multiple teams working in parallel. This is usually challenging at enterprise scale, but the landing zone makes it possible to get up and running at scale, fast.

We wouldn’t have been able to do the migration in such a successful way without the expert knowledge of Nordcloud. The design, infrastructure solution, and project management has been excellent. It’s given an excellent foundation for our ongoing development and modernisation efforts, as we future-proof our IT environment and embrace agility in a way we couldn’t previously,

Manager, Enterprise Architecture, Infrastructure & Platforms
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