Certified FinOps Training:
Another Way Nordcloud is Leading the Pack

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Want to build your cloud financial management (FinOps) skills? Help build a FinOps culture within your teams? And understand the frameworks and processes needed to maximise cost savings from cloud?

Then look no further. 

Nordcloud has become one of the few certified global FinOps training providers, the latest milestone in our ongoing partnership with the FinOps Foundation.

FinOps is an emerging area, and we’ve long been at the cutting edge

We’ve been helping customers establish frameworks, processes, KPIs and tooling since 2013, before the word FinOps was born in 2019.

We now have ca50 certified practitioners at Nordcloud, are a certified FinOps platform provider and a certified service provider as well as a certified training provider. Our CEO Fernando Herrera is even on the FinOps Foundation Governance Board, helping guide the evolution of best practices.

Now, you can learn from the people leading FinOps implementation and driving FinOps maturity on the ground at major organisations worldwide - helping drive cost savings that exceed industry benchmarks.

Choose from remote courses and customised in-house training

We’re offering 2 training pathways, both taught by real-world practising FinOps leaders:

FinOps is the latest addition to Nordcloud’s popular cloud training offering.  We’re known for delivering fun, engaging and interesting workshops that people enjoy attending – helping them build skills and knowledge that they actually apply when they’re back at their desks.

Learn more about our FinOps training content and course dates

Get all the details here. We look forward to seeing you on future courses.

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