The Nordcloud commitment to data security

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In an open letter from Nordcloud's CEO Jan Kritz and Group CTO Ilja Summala, Nordcloud today reaffirmed its commitment to data security for customers.

Nordcloud is committed to ensuring that every business can boost security by using the public cloud. By continually investing in people, processes and tools, we support customers with the security challenges of today – and put them on the front foot for tackling the security challenges of the future.

Our belief is that an organisation’s risk reduces the most when using cloud-native methodologies, automation and tooling to protect cloud environments, applications and data. On this basis we are doubling the investment in this area over the next 3 years.

Every organisation should have access to this journey and the benefits it can bring. As such, we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new, free service for IT and security leaders: The FREE Cloud Security Spotlight.

"Nordcloud is committed to ensuring that every business can boost security by using cloud" Said Nordcloud CEO Jan Kritz

Organic cloud adoption inevitably creates security risks that can be challenging to manage. Faster public cloud adoption, partially driven by coronavirus-related changes to working practices, has made control more complex. The InfoSec Spotlight Assessment helps overcome these challenges by answering 2 key questions:

  • “How do we know if we’re doing enough on cloud information security?”
  • “What aren’t we doing that we should be?”

The assessment validates public cloud information security controls against a best-practice framework and shows holistically where blind spots are. The output is a short business case presentation you can take to stakeholders – summarising your position, what it means from a risk perspective and what those risks could cost the business if not addressed.

That way, you can effectively channel investment for security enhancements, systematically manage controls – and mitigate the risk of becoming the next data breach headline.

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We look forward to continuing our work with our customers and partners to deliver the highest levels of data security in cloud.

Jan Kritz, Nordcloud CEO & Ilja Summala, Nordcloud CTO

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