Konecranes secures life at sea.

The Challenge.

Several international treaties have been put in place since RMS Titanic sunk in 1912 to improve the safety of commercial shipping. When the Security of Life at Sea (SOLAS) was updated in 2015, it demanded that the real weight of all containers loaded onto ships had to be known. This was to ensure, for example, that the ships are not overloaded, but also that the cargo is distributed evenly. Ultimately these would ensure that the ships do not sink in accidents. As the requirement was coming into force on the 1st of July 2016 many players in the industry had not reacted at all. Wanting to help the whole industry, Konecranes took up the challenge in April.

The Solution.

Konecranes partnered with one of their customers and Nordcloud to create a solution in a fast 8-week window. The idea was to combine a lift truck, weight sensors, a tablet and AWS to make sure all containers’ true masses were always known and reliably communicated to the harbor operators.

Nordcloud proposed a fully serverless solution to get to the finish line as fast as possible. The created solution exposes the weighing process to the truck operator through cabin interface and results for ERP/TOS integration through an API. Weighing doesn’t interfere with normal operations. With the solution’s static weighing system it only takes a few seconds – an order of magnitude faster than using traditional scales. And the dynamic weighing happens with even higher accuracy and on the fly. Also, the system can be retrofitted to existing machines, extending the life cycle of lift trucks.

The Results.

The Container Gross Mass Verification (CGMV) solution was ready in the timeframe required by Konecranes. Timo Harjunen, Director, Digital Platform Development at Konecranes, says, “We believe our solution was likely the only SOLAS compliant harbor equipment in the harbor. This proved to be a market advantage for us and the whole investment had a return of only 3 months.”

Since its launch, the solution has been supported by Nordcloud’s Managed Cloud Applications service. “Since the launch Nordcloud has been able to keep up with a rapidly changing environment, extend the solution to new areas and improve the architecture. At the same time operations have been just like we want them, barely visible,” continues Harjunen.

Overall our cooperation has extended to the development of multiple applications, spanning IoT, Data lake and Web applications utilizing serverless technology such as Kinesis, S3, DynamoDB, Greengrass and Lambdas.

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