Major Telecom Company Tightens Security Processes.

We helped a major telecom company improve its security processes and posture through security architecture services.

The Challenge.

In response to a set of significant challenges, a major telecom company worked with Nordcloud on a comprehensive project to enhance its security processes and overall security posture by leveraging security architecture services. 

The challenges faced by the company included a lack of visibility into their cloud infrastructure, unclear guidance on security policies and procedures, absence of clear ownership for workloads and processes, and issues related to team and platform fragmentation.

The Solution: Security Architecture Services.

To address these challenges, the company adopted various architectural changes, supported by Nordcloud. This involved a thorough assessment and subsequent remediation of their cloud platform and workloads, the implementation of Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tooling to enhance visibility, refinement of policies and procedures, and the provision of security training to the relevant teams.

Nordcloud successfully addressed the discovered misconfigurations and vulnerabilities through targeted remediation efforts. Automation and integration with existing systems were introduced, streamlining security processes and ensuring a more cohesive approach. The overall posture of the multi-cloud platforms was significantly improved.

The Results.

The company achieved regulatory compliance, aligning with industry standards and regulations. Resource allocation was optimised, leading to better cost control. Moreover, the initiatives enhanced visibility, awareness, and evaluation of the organisation’s risk exposure in the dynamic landscape of the telecommunications industry. 

Both processes and security posture underwent considerable improvement, contributing to a more resilient and secure operational framework for the company.