Major Industrial Company Improves Security Strategy.

Enhancing an enterprise security strategy through expert guidance and security consultancy services. .

The Challenge.

In response to a series of critical challenges, Nordcloud helped a major industrial technology and services company with a comprehensive consultancy project to enhance its security strategy through the implementation of security consultancy services. 

The primary issues faced by the company included executing a Cloud Migration project without adequate security measures in place, a lack of visibility into cloud resources, a concerning security posture, and a notable absence of defined cloud security responsibilities.

The Solution: Cloud Security Consultancy Services.

To address these challenges, the company engaged Nordcloud in a broad selection of consultancy services: a rigorous Security Assessment, the establishment of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) Security track, conducting a thorough gap analysis, crafting a Cloud Security roadmap, and developing a robust Cloud Security governance framework.

The outcome of these strategic interventions resulted in a detailed report outlining key discoveries, prioritisations, and a comprehensive roadmap for addressing security vulnerabilities. Mitigation activities were promptly executed, incorporating high-level strategies and recommendations to fortify the organisation’s security posture.

The Results.

The impact of these initiatives was significant. A regulatory compliance framework was established, ensuring adherence to pertinent security standards and regulations. The implementation of these measures also led to increased visibility, awareness, and evaluation of cloud risk exposure.

Notably, both processes and security posture underwent substantial improvement, mitigating potential risks and bolstering the organisation’s overall security framework. Furthermore, responsibilities and ownership were clarified, providing a structured approach to managing cloud security responsibilities and fostering a culture of accountability within the organisation. 

Through these concerted efforts and working with Nordcloud, the company successfully transformed its security strategy, ensuring a more robust and resilient defence against evolving threats in the digital landscape.