Construction Company Improves Security Posture.

Construction and housing development company improves security posture with managed cloud security services.

The Challenge.

In the face of a significant challenge in its cloud security approach, a construction and housing development company sought help from Nordcloud to elevate its security posture by embracing managed cloud security services.

The challenge at hand was the customer’s limited capabilities in deploying and running an incident response service effectively within the cloud environment.

The Solution: Managed Cloud Security Services.

To address this, a solution was implemented in the form of a Managed Detection & Incident Response system. This is a Nordcloud managed cloud security service specifically designed to identify and respond to threats within the cloud infrastructure, and significantly strengthen a company’s ability to protect their environment.

The Results.

The results of this strategic intervention were noteworthy. All anomalies associated with cloud resources, including identities, virtual machines, and workloads/applications, as well as process executions on virtual machines, underwent thorough investigation and confirmation.

The business impact of this initiative was substantial, contributing to an overall enhancement of the security posture. The implementation of the Managed Detection & Incident Response system facilitated faster resolution for policy violations and insecure deployments, ensuring a more resilient and secure operational landscape for the construction and housing development company.