Reducing cloud spend by 12.5% and making operations more efficient.

  • Cut down costs by 12.5%
  • Optimised cloud operations & usage
  • Empowered teams to leverage FinOps insights independently

Project Summary.

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The client.

Veolia is a major international company, providing a range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build The Circular Economy and protect the environment.

Project background.

Operating in a sector with complex and evolving operational needs, Veolia needed to embrace FinOps to address several challenges related to their cloud infrastructure and cost management. 

The challenge lay in gaining visibility into their cloud expenses across Google Cloud and AWS platforms. Veolia’s IT department needed a comprehensive FinOps approach that could provide clarity in cost allocation, optimise their cloud usage, and help them effectively manage their growing cloud resources.


Cost Visibility

Veolia’s cloud infrastructure spanned across Google Cloud and AWS. However, they lacked a unified view of their cloud expenses. This lack of visibility made it difficult for them to identify where their cloud costs were incurred and which areas were consuming the most resources.

Cloud Complexities

Veolia’s cloud environment was intricate, with various applications and services running across different cloud platforms. Managing such a diverse and distributed landscape required a strategic approach that could provide insights into resource allocation and usage patterns.

Growing Cloud Expenses

With an expanding cloud footprint, Veolia faced the challenge of increasing cloud expenses. They lacked the means to understand the specifics of these costs and identify opportunities for optimisation.

Operational Efficiency

As Veolia’s cloud infrastructure grew, maintaining operational efficiency became essential. The company needed to ensure that their cloud resources were being allocated optimally, avoiding unnecessary expenses while still meeting their operational requirements.

Data-Driven Decisions

Veolia recognised the importance of data-driven decision-making in their cloud operations. They needed a solution that could provide them with actionable insights into their cloud usage patterns, enabling them to make informed choices regarding resource allocation and budgeting.

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Our Solution.

Nordcloud delivered a FinOps solution to provide Veolia with the capabilities they needed to address these challenges and achieve their cost management and optimisation goals.

The FinOps solution was an automated cost management tool, which offered a promising solution to Veolia’s cloud cost management needs. The journey began with a series of demonstrations to showcase the tool’s capabilities in Veolia’s landscape. The Veolia team clearly saw the potential of tool in addressing their challenges.

The tool has powerful features in visualising cloud expenses and identifying cost-saving opportunities. Although Veolia faced certain limitations due to their unique cloud organisational structure, the Nordcloud team overcame these challenges by providing tailored onboarding and support, to help the Veolia team get up and running quickly and easily. They also introduced automation to ensure optimal ways of working.

Nordcloud’s flexibility in accommodating the specific needs of Veolia and their commitment to providing responsive support played a crucial role in driving success.

The cloud cost management tool has been a game-changer for our business. The support provided by Nordcloud was excellent. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure we have a seamless experience, helping us optimise costs and maximise efficiency in our usage. It’s great having this experienced, dedicated cloud partner in our corner to help guide us.

Alicja Rybczyńska

CIO; Veolia Energia Polska

Key Features.

Cost Visibility

Veolia could now get a consolidated and granular view of cloud expenses across Google Cloud and AWS. This visibility allows Veolia to understand where their cloud costs are being incurred, which services are driving the expenses, and how resources are being utilised.

Cost Allocation

The tool enables Veolia to allocate cloud costs to specific teams, projects, applications, and departments, meaning accountability within the organisation by providing insights into which teams or projects are driving cloud expenses..

Resource Optimisation

Veolia can now identify cost-saving opportunities and areas where resources can be optimised. It helps them identify underutilised or idle resources, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Savings Recommendations

Veolia also see savings recommendations tailored to its cloud environment. These recommendations guide Veolia in implementing cost-cutting, such as leveraging reserved instances, rightsizing instances, and optimising storage usage.

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Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation


Working with Nordcloud helped Veolia achieve major cost savings. Veolia’s initial monthly cloud expenditure of around €60,000 had significantly reduced over time. 

With tool-driven insights and the expert guidance provided Nordcloud, Veolia managed to cut down costs by approximately 12.5%, a substantial achievement across their large-scale cloud operations.

Beyond financial gains, Veolia also achieved improved operational efficiency and transparency. The tool empowered them to visualise and understand their cloud costs at a granular level, enabling them to make informed decisions. This newfound visibility facilitated their ability to allocate resources more effectively, thereby optimising their overall cloud operations.

Ongoing support and the Nordcloud team in onboarding and guiding this FinOps approach established a strong partnership. Veolia’s internal teams were empowered to leverage the tool and its insights independently, further solidifying their cloud cost management capabilities.

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