T-Mobile Polska AWS migration

T-Mobile Polska.

Empowering teams through the end-to-end cloud journey

  • Cloud foundation built in under a week
  • Landing zones migrated in 2 days
  • Best practice AWS operating model

Project Summary.

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The client.

T-Mobile, owned by Deutsche Telekom Group, is a global mobile network operator. One of its growing markets is Poland, where it’s a dominant player serving more than 11 million individual and business customers.

T-Mobile Polska provides a wide range of services across mobile (including 5G), fibre and internet. It has repeatedly won awards for its high-quality service and fast connections.

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Project background.

T-Mobile Polska was looking for ways to increase IT productivity while innovating more quickly and building more performant, data-driven solutions.

It also wanted to create a foundation for leveraging advanced technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing and the Internet of Things – to help it stay ahead of the curve with its products and services offering.


  • T-Mobile Polska had an ambitious roadmap for its digital portfolio and saw public cloud as a key enabler. It was taking teams a significant amount of time to deploy new services, and they wanted to reduce release cycles to a few weeks using cloud-native services and DevOps.
  • There was little internal knowledge of cloud, and the company wanted a cloud-native partner to support the end-to-end journey – empowering them with governance, operating models and upskilling.
  • Amidst these ambitions, the coronavirus pandemic created additional challenges. Their budgets were revised and and remote working affected their operational approach to the project.

Nordcloud’s agility exceeded expectations. Not only did they deliver quickly and 100% remotely in a Covid environment, but they responded rapidly to our ongoing demands. They truly showed us how we can use public cloud to reduce time-to-market as we develop our digital portfolio.

Sebastian Szaraniec

Leader of Cloud Tribe, T-Mobile Poland

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Solution – End-to-end support.

Cloud enablement and upskilling

We started by conducting cloud enablement workshops with the T-Mobile commercial and enterprise teams. This engaged stakeholders with the architectural principles, ways of working, roadmap and metrics that would underpin success. We also kick-started an upskilling programme on DevOps and agile for their internal IT teams.

A robust cloud foundation

We created a cloud foundation with landing zones in AWS. This was up and running in days and – thanks to our cloud-native tooling – provided a robust, secure foundation for migration, development and testing. Importantly, we were able to deploy, replicate and remove landing zones quickly, giving T-Mobile the agility to move its infrastructure from region to region in a fast 2 day process.

Ongoing agility, scalability and security

The initiative wasn’t just about migrating to the cloud – it was about empowering teams to leverage cloud capabilities and maximise value to the business ongoing.

In addition to the upskilling programme and operating model, we provided tools to enable ongoing agility and scalability. This included creating an AWS service catalog to act as an internal marketplace for quickly deploying compliant, performant solutions.

We also created a user-friendly dashboard that gives an accurate view of their entire security and compliance posture, making it easy to track KPIs and pre-empt issues.

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Project completed on time and on budget

In just 6 months, T-Mobile Polska was leveraging AWS Cloud. It was a seamless process, which we completed within reduced budgets and 100% remotely due to coronavirus.

Speed of delivery

Faster development

Thanks to our cloud-native tooling and expertise, the company now has a robust foundation for building, testing, deploying and managing applications in AWS. What used to take years now takes weeks, and teams can easily incorporate myriad optimisations as required.

Digital portfolio roadmap delivered

Importantly, we empowered T-Mobile teams to leverage the power and value of cloud. Backed by robust security and governance, they’re making full use of agile and DevOps to incorporate new technologies and deliver their digital portfolio roadmap.

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