We provide DevOps Professional Services to support our customers IT transformation when moving workloads to the cloud


Nordcloud has solid experience in automating cloud infrastructure for our clients and leveraging cloud platform services to maximize the benefits provided by the public cloud.


  1.  Cloud Automation

  2.  CI/CD Tools & Processes

  3.  Containers & Container Orchestration

  4.  Monitoring & Log Management

  5.  Microservices & Serverless

  6.  Solution Architecture Support



Cloud Competence Centre


Nordcloud believes that the fastest route to cloud adoption – reducing the time it takes you to get your products to market and future proofing your future public cloud usage – is to form a Cloud Competence Centre.

Our team of expert cloud architects will assist in ensuring that your development & operations teams are seamlessly operating as one, providing support for cloud platform development & support for project on-boarding, by focusing on four key areas:

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