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The Challenge.

Lassila & Tikanoja is a service company that transforms the consumer society into an efficient recycling society by equipping its customers to achieve their environmental targets. It employs 8,000 people and has operations in Finland, Sweden and Russia, L&T employs 8,000 people. 

Raksanappi was created as a quick and easy way for contractors to order roll-offs for their construction site. Prior to this service, these already busy professionals had to wait in phone queues until they reached sales or customer service, wasting both their and the L&T staff’s time. 

From the outset, the goal was to create a self-service approach enabling contractors to decide when and where to order a roll-off or ask for a current roll-off to be switched. There was also a call to develop new solutions for traditional construction sites to help develop and improve existing ways of working. 

The Solution.

We approached the problem with a 5-day design sprint. During those hectic and design-intensive days, we created the business model, preliminary concept design and the early prototype. As part of the process, we consulted te end users and visited construction sites to observe how roll-off orders and switches were handled. Eventually, a clear picture of what the service should be like emerged from contractor interviews and our joint planning sessions. 

The design applied a mobile-first approach because we understood from the start that users would always have smartphones with them. We also made sure we carried over the same high level of user experience on tablets and desktops.

"There’s no need to dial in, press several buttons and then wait for someone to pick up. When I place orders on my phone, I always get what I want without hassle."

Janne Kivivirta
Skanska (L&T customer)

The Results.

The prototype and concept were then handed over for further design and piloting using synchronised design and development sprints. The pilot, covering ten construction sites, was a great success. Detailed design and development phases then took off, with a successful product launch the following year.

Within 2 years, adoption increased by 50%. Lassila & Tikanoja customer service processes became more efficient and customer satisfaction improved. As Tommi Tupala from L&T said: “The service removes pointless hassle and makes the whole chain clearer.”

"Our customers have been waiting for this for a long time! Many say that this is the biggest thing they’ve seen in a while. This allows our end users to place orders from their home couch at 9pm in the evening if they feel like it!"

Laura Kemppainen
Sales, L&T

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