Digital transformation

Understand and address all the needed aspects (strategy, governance, operations, skills etc) of cloud transformation in condensed and efficient manner.

Public cloud has the potential to change how IT organisations operate by changing the physical infrastructure into cloud services that have been defined with code – infrastructure becomes a software platform. While operating and developing this software platform with processes and best practices designed for physical infrastructure is possible, it will not yield the best results.

Getting the most out of the investment into public cloud requires changing or adjusting many aspects of work outside of technology. Supporting this cloud journey is the core focus of Nordcloud’s Consultancy & Advisory services.

Our services are integrated to Nordcloud’s projects and services but can be contracted separately as well.


Examples of our cloud enablement work:

  • Building a cloud strategy for our customer. Our work is based on an agile strategy framework, identifying the strategic themes for a customer and then identifying the right tactical steps forward.
  • Helping the customer to design and implement a cloud native operating model.
  • Building a business case for a cloud migration based on change in TCO and benefits gained by the migration.
  • Conducting a 6R migration analysis and planning the migration project.
  • Helping the customer to identify the right sourcing model for public cloud and related services. 

We also offer standardised workshops led by our teams of experts.



As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and Google Cloud Premier Partner we make it possible to mix clouds & match them perfectly to your needs. We are also Managed Services Provider to all our hyperscale partners.

Managed Services Provider

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