Digital Era Needs Cloud-Native Security Operations

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Digital transformation in finance means more critical applications are deployed to cloud. Traditional Security Operation Centers do not deliver expert cloud platform and application security. Nordcloud cloud-native SOC delivers customised, threat and risk-based cloud security delivered by leading cloud experts.

Introducing The Nordcloud Cloud-Native Security Operations Center

This whitepaper argues that a new approach is needed when it comes to application security in the cloud.

Nordcloud’s new service Security Operations Center (SOC) captures, alerts and remediates your high-priority security events in all major public cloud platforms 24/7. Nordcloud’s SOC includes threat modelling and alerting design; ensuring that mitigations and highly customised alerting are in place where your environment has the highest risk.

Since Nordcloud’s SOC is combined with cloud incident management, the SOC team can act and resolve issues – not just communicate with stakeholders.

Download our white paper and read more about:

  • Security Implications of the Digital Transition to Public Cloud
  • Why Delivering Public Cloud Security with Traditional Approaches Fails
  • Introducing the Nordcloud Cloud-Native Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Nordcloud SOC Engagement Model
  • How Nordcloud SOC Addresses Common Security Concerns