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Become an AWS cloud expert with our popular, practical training taught by people who live and breathe the cloud.
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As an AWS Authorised Training Partner, we deliver engaging courses that fast-track your cloud skills.

Whether you’re new to the cloud or have used AWS before, we have training for you. 

Our courses are taught by people who practise what they preach. This gives you a deeper understanding of AWS products and solutions, so you’re in a stronger position to drive cloud adoption in your organisation.

We have a practical approach to learning, which means hands-on activities and immersive exercises. With introductory and advanced courses built around self-paced labs, you’ll deepen your skills and learn best-practices for architecting, developing and operating infrastructure and applications. That way, you’re well prepared for AWS certifications. 

Nordcloud’s official AWS courses cater to all skill levels and are open to everyone – browse the calendar below. We also offer in-house customised training – contact us to discuss your team’s requirements.

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

The fundamental-level full day course is intended for individuals who seek an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles.

AWS Technical Essentials

An excellent starting point to get to know the AWS cloud and its products, services, and solutions - in just one day.

Architecting on AWS

Gain a comprehensive overview to AWS fundamentals, architectural design patterns, and how to build cloud solutions during this three day course.

Cloud Operations on AWS (formerly Systems Operations)

Get in-depth, hands-on practice in operating highly available and scalable infrastructure on the Systems Operations AWS course.

Developing on AWS

Develop secure and scalable cloud applications by understanding how to use the AWS Software Development Kit on this three day course.

Security Engineering on AWS

Gain a comprehensive understanding of security features when running workloads in AWS.

Advanced Architecting on AWS

In this course, each module presents a scenario with an architectural challenge to be solved. You will examine available AWS services and features as solutions to the problem.

DevOps Engineering on AWS

Learn how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy, and maintain applications on AWS.

Advanced Developing on AWS

Learn how to take a legacy, on-premises monolithic application and refactoring it into a serverless microservices architecture.

Data Warehousing on AWS

Learn how to design a cloud-based data warehousing solution using Amazon RedShift.

Deep Learning on AWS

Learn how to use MXNet and SageMaker to train and deploy deep learning models on AWS.

Practical Data Science with Amazon Sagemaker

A hands-on walkthrough of a machine learning pipeline from data preparation to deploying a model using Amazon SageMaker.

Planning and Designing Databases on AWS

Learn the key features of AWS database services and how to choose the appropriate service to meet your application’s needs and requirements.

The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS

This course explores how to use the machine learning (ML) pipeline to solve a real business problem in a project-based learning environment

Running Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)

In this course, you will learn container management and orchestration for Kubernetes using Amazon EKS.

What our clients say

"Instructor was great, answers questions, had great discussion of real world solutions etc and overall knowledgeable.”

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