Migrating to the Cloud with AWS.

How can Nordcloud help your business successfully migrate to the cloud with AWS?

Asses, Migrate and Modernise Applications to AWS

From lift-and-shift to re-factoring and re-platforming, we help you modernise in a way that balances quick wins and sustainable value.


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How can you migrate your VMware workloads with AWS?

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What are the key challenges?


Are you able to respond quickly to external pressure, such as demanding customer requirements and regulatory requirements?


Are you able to meet your operational SLA’s?


Does your solution scale to business needs (e.g. peak demand)?


Are you aware of the cost of operating your applications?

The solution

Nordcloud has many years of migration experience and has developed, in alignment with AWS, a migration factory methodology that allows effective, measurable, programmatic and fast migration to AWS.

Identify the opportunity

To identify your cloud migration opportunity Nordcloud can help to create a Business Case by providing an initial TCO conducted from your IT application and infrastructure information.

Discovery and Assessment

Each successful cloud migration begins with building a thorough understanding of your infrastructure and application estate. Leveraging tools such as the AWS Application Discovery Service and TSO Logic Nordcloud analyzes your assets and creates an assessment and TCO report.

Migrate & Modernise

Based on the portfolio and assessment reports, we plan the migration project, minimizing the risk and impact for the business. We analyze and design the application specific solutions optimized for AWS including the o

Why Nordcloud?


We have a proven track record in cloud migration projects. Since 2012 Nordcloud has successfully helped many organisations to migrate applications and supporting infrastructure to AWS.

Proprietary tools & methodologies

We work alongside your teams, providing the expertise needed to develop skills, establish operating models and implement technologies. From strategy to training, from tooling to DevOps, you get the support needed to boost agility and maximise value.

Faster time to market

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. We help teams evolve from legacy technologies and working practices. You get better, faster results because you have cloud natives guiding your journey

Success Story

How did SHL complete a successful data centre exit program with AWS?

cloud training

Upskill your organisation

Want to train your team on AWS Migration?

We’re an AWS Authorised Training Partner, delivering a wide range of engaging courses that fast-track your cloud skills.

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