Nordcloud wins major Finnish cloud agreement

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Valtori is the IT arm of the Finnish government. It serves approximately 80,000 people across 90 government agencies, empowering them with the tech capabilities they need to operate efficiently and interact with citizens, partners and stakeholders.

Following a €63 million tender, Valtori is poised to enter a new era of cloud-driven innovation and cost optimisation – with Nordcloud as one of its chosen partners.

Valtori + Nordcloud: A true cloud partnership

Valtori customers are at varying stages of cloud maturity. They work across Microsoft Azure and AWS, and Google Cloud. Nordcloud – as a multi-cloud leader triple-certified across all 3 – will be helping Valtori support those customers wherever they are in their journey, regardless of which hyperscaler they’re using.

"The Valtori/Nordcloud partnership will be a collaboration in the truest sense. Nordcloud will be providing expertise and best practices that will help the Finnish government move faster towards cloud, while maintaining robust security and data protection. Together, we’ll empower government agencies to provide better digital services and experiences to Finnish citizens," said Jan Kritz, COO at Nordcloud.

Cost optimisation is key

Cost savings is an important cloud transformation driver for the Finnish government, and Valtori launched this tender process to help maximise those savings. By combining a cloud-native approach and strong partner relationships, Nordcloud proposed a creative and aggressive commercial set-up that has never been done in Finland before.

Tommi Berg, Product Manager at Valtori, said: “We are very satisfied how Nordcloud demonstrated their ability to provide solution for our cloud capacity needs. They worked closely with hyperscalers to devise an extremely competitive commercial proposal that will help Valtori achieve its cost optimisation objectives. At the same time, their cloud-native expertise will help Valtori customers achieve more value from cloud transformation.” 

Finland is going cloud native

Nordcloud is one of Finland’s original cloud natives, and we’re expanding rapidly throughout the country. Valtori therefore gets a local partner with a European-wide reputation and credentials – together with superscale capabilities that come from working with an IBM company.

"Nordcloud is a great Finland technology success story. With Valtori, we’ll be working in Finnish and complying with Finland’s stringent data protection and security requirements. We’ll be drawing on our cloud experts from Helsinki to Jyväskylä to Oulu to help Valtori make this incredible leap in cloud capabilities over the next 4 years," said Jan Kritz, COO at Nordcloud.

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About Nordcloud, an IBM Company

Nordcloud is a European leader in cloud implementation, application development, managed services and training. It’s a recognised cloud-native pioneer with a proven track record helping organisations leverage public cloud in a way that balances quick ins, immediate savings and sustainable value. As well as partnering with VMware, Nordcloud is triple-certified across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services – and is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Nordcloud has 10 European hubs, over 500 employees and has delivered over 1,000 successful cloud projects for companies ranging from mid-size to large corporates. IBM announced its acquisition of Nordcloud on December 21, 2020.
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About IBM

IBM acquired Nordcloud in December 2020, adding deep expertise to drive it's client's digital transformation. Nordcloud's cloud-native tools, methodologies and talent further underline IBM's is committed to deliver a successful journey to cloud for its clients. 
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About Valtori

Valtori provides sector-independent ICT services for Finland’s central government, as well as information and data communications technology and integration services that meet the requirements of high preparedness and security. Its wide customer base includes all government agencies and institutions, and tens of thousands of people use its services.
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