Airline cuts cloud spend by 17%

Driving cloud cost visibility and optimisation for a leading European airline.


One of the world’s oldest operating airlines had recently taken the leap into the cloud. To take full advantage of its digital transformation and growth ambitions, the airline needed visibility of cloud spend – and the ability to optimise it efficiently. They reached out to Nordcloud to guide their FinOps journey.

The Challenge.

1. The lack of cost visibility in place for the existing AWS spend was a top leadership priority

2. Numerous manual AWS processes were putting unnecessary pressure on the company’s teams

3. For greater insights into cloud capacity costs, the airline adopted a FinOps approach

The Need.

The Need

1. A FinOps plan to optimise the company’s cloud capacity spend

2. Easy-to-navigate cloud management tool providing analytics and insight into usage and activities

3. Automated AWS processes such as resource tagging, allowing people to focus on sustaining major growth

The Solution.

1. Implemented a cloud management tool for easy analysis of costs and greater cloud cost management and visibility

2. In-depth and ongoing collaboration with the airline’s Head of Infrastructure for fast and sustainable transition to a FinOps approach

3. A dashboard provides transparency on where costs are, where savings are and forecasted spend


savings in monthly cloud costs


Increase in gross margin

7 hours

Of investigation saved for every question about cost.

Distribution Innovation case study

Delivering visibility and cost savings, fast.

The airline wanted immediate visibility, improvement and savings in the cloud, including in complex situations with insufficient or non-existent resource tagging.

Nordcloud and specialist tooling proved a combination to deliver this as a key part of cloud adoption, providing a key and significant edge during FinOps implementation journeys.

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