Nordcloud: Just another IT company with great benefits, projects and people?

Great benefits, even greater projects, and the best possible team – in many ways Nordcloud might seem like any of the cool IT companies at the moment. We met Full Stack Developer Leo-Matti Lehtonen and asked what really makes Nordcloud a special workplace.

Projects from utilizing the public cloud to machine learning and AI

Full Stack Developer Leo-Matti Lehtonen has worked at Nordcloud for a year and a half. When asked what kind of projects there are, he answers with a laughter:

Pretty much everything. For a Full Stack Developer, there really are all kinds of different projects with different tech and also different lengths, depending on your preference. For example, there are currently projects related to IoT. In these projects, my colleagues are using a huge number of different sensors, collecting data from them and finally pushing the data to the cloud. They will utilize the public cloud on the backend and also build a nice UI to display the data.”

“Machine learning and AI are also growing fast. We can offer projects related to them as well,” he adds.

Working with the latest technologies

Leo’s current project is for a big client. It has been interesting since they have been able to influence in choosing the best and most suitable technologies for the project.

“Frontend side is built using React and Redux. On the backend we have Node and GraphQL as well,” he notes.

Lately, Leo has been excited about GraphQL which he has been using a lot. He predicts that it will be one of the next big things in the tech world, rapidly growing in popularity.

“GraphQL is still a quite new thing and I think that it is the direction where APIs are going in the future. I have spent quite a lot of time learning about it during my free time as well.”

Zero competition inside the company

One of the best things at Nordcloud for Leo has been the fact that the company really gives its employees all the needed resources and is focused on developing the people.

“We can use two weeks of our working time in a year to learn new things that interest us. If you want to learn something new, Nordcloud will always provide you with the resources to do it.”

For example, Leo intends to learn about the Google Cloud platform and is going to complete the certification after web training.

“People here are very eager to help. Internally there is zero competition – everyone just wants to see others grow and get better,” Leo praises.

An active community without any red tape

“Relations between people are natural and there is no strict hierarchy here. We are one united group of people,” Leo discloses.

People at Nordcloud do a lot of things together in their free time as well. The day before the interview they had seen a new Star Wars movie and the next morning Leo had promised to join the floorball team – though he mentions that he hasn’t played floorball in 15 years.

If you want to do something with your co-workers, you can just set up a club and get started with it.”

Nordcloud is actively hosting different meetups and organizing workshops. “There are always some events going on. You can do a variety of different interesting things in this community,” Leo says.

Just another company with nice benefits, projects and people?

If you are still thinking of what differs Nordcloud from many other consultative companies with nice benefits, offices, projects, and people, Leo has the answer:

If you are interested in the latest cloud technologies, which I think you should, we definitely have the best knowledge related to that in Finland. At Nordcloud it is all about the cloud – all the different aspects, like application development, design and infra, have been built around it.”

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Done in co-operation with Duunitori, writer Meri-Tuuli Talsi/Duunitori.

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