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26 September 2023

I recently stepped into the role of CEO at Nordcloud, as Fernando, our founder and previous CEO, moved on to spend more time with his family. 

I’d like to take the opportunity to share what I’ve learnt about the company during my 6-year tenure at Nordcloud. I remember when I first joined. My colleagues wore sneakers, jeans, hoodies and t-shirts, which felt like my type of people (this continues today). The ambience crackled with energy – it screamed “Let’s get cool s**t done!” And that immediately got me to step up my game. As I met more people from our customers and hyperscalers, they kept praising Nordcloud’s expertise and agility – which made me quickly fall in love with the company. 

In a nutshell, I love being part of this company for 2 reasons: 1) the people at Nordcloud have a tremendous passion for innovation and technology, and 2) the company has a genuine growth DNA.

And it’s these fundamentals that I’m driven to nurture, as they’ll continue to drive Nordcloud forward.

The passion for technology

The passion for technology is the heart of our company. We make a commitment to our customers, partners and especially to our colleagues to maintain and improve their capabilities through upskilling. So our talented Nordcloudians are able to gain new skills in specialist areas for their own development – we have thousands of certifications across AWS, Microsoft and Google – whilst also driving the company forward with new capabilities. 

And this love for technology will remain at the heart of our strength into the future. It’s because of this passion that we deliver so much value to our customers and gain the respect and close collaboration of the hyperscalers – recognised by the many recent awards we’ve won. 

It’s something that all Nordcloudians share. This is a community of people with similar passions, mindset and beliefs. This is what makes us a special team. It makes me happy when I see colleagues who organise tech meet-ups or hackathons, when they share wisdom and experience from projects. They inspire their more junior colleagues in their personal growth. That’s exactly what we need to grow our best asset – our people –  as well as our company. 

Which brings me to the second point.

Growth DNA

Growth DNA is like the brain of the Nordcloud body. Growing our business allows us to invest in developing further our talent, in gaining new experiences and in bringing new job opportunities to our people. Our growth has been amazing so far and has been a rollercoaster of successes, learnings and emotions. It’s fair to say it’s not always been an easy ride. I'm committed to driving a sustainable, vibrant business that brings success, incremental improvement and joy. And, as the demand for hyperscaler services continues to grow, so shall we at Nordcloud as well.

Our growth journey has brought us closer to IBM, and Nordcloud has delivered – and will continue to deliver – a strong business line with IBM. We will remain a non-integrated company. This means that, while we collaborate closely on specific accounts, IBM's wish is that Nordcloud keeps doing what we are best at – supercharging our customers to embrace the world’s best technology.

As with every company, we have our challenges – but we are working hard to address them and we continue to invest in our culture, leadership and ways of working. I therefore look forward to a successful future together with our talented and passionate team.

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