Nordcloud Wins Google Cloud Denmark Award for Innovating Through Multi-Cloud

Nordcloud has been named the winner of Google Cloud Denmark’s Innovating Through Multi-Cloud Award. 

This was Google Cloud Denmark’s very first Cloud Awards ceremony, and success reflects Nordcloud’s rapidly-growing reputation in Google Cloud across the Nordics.

Google Cloud Denmark Award

What does ‘Innovating Through Multi-Cloud’ really mean?

Google Cloud believes “there is not a single-cloud answer, all customers will eventually use multiple clouds just like they today use multiple SaaS solutions for different purposes.” And, as a rare provider with all 3 audited public cloud certifications, we couldn’t agree more. 

In fact, we’re uniquely placed to help organisations across their entire multi-cloud stack.

As cloud natives, we increasingly see the need for businesses to manage and optimise a multi-cloud reality. Business units tend to pick and choose solutions to meet specific and often unrelated needs, so we’re working to help teams maximise value from this multi-cloud ecosystem, avoid technical debt, impose structure and strategically evolve capabilities and innovate.

“We are humbled and thankful to be recognised by GCP as the winner of the Innovating Through Multi-Cloud award in Denmark. This really shows our focus on bringing added value to our customers is being noticed and appreciated. We take pride in being customer centric, always focusing on the customer need to maximise value and navigate the fast-paced multi-cloud ecosystem. Our approach to customers fits well with GCP’s openness and belief that there is no single cloud answer.”

Benedicte Zackrisson
Vice President Partners, Google at Nordcloud

What are we doing with Google?

Google’s open cloud brings cloud-native tools and services to different hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enabling businesses to develop software faster, innovate more easily, and scale more efficiently whatever their cloud setup. And being open source gives the flexibility for teams to pick and choose what they deploy across all public cloud platforms.

Together with Google, we’ve created bundle offerings and solutions tailored to specific needs to maximise value for our customers, while speeding up time to value by using Google’s engagement model and funding programs. Our ability to both deliver and manage Google Cloud services, combined with our multi-cloud expertise, positions us uniquely in the market.

This includes infrastructure modernisation, managed application modernisation, VMware, cost optimisation and a recent campaign around sustainability assessments with Project Jord. 

We also recently tripled our local Danish sales and delivery team focused on Google Cloud, enabling a more strategic and in-depth approach to addressing customer needs.

How about an example of these offerings?

One successful offering in Denmark has been our Managed Landing Zone Offer. With built-in governance at scale, embedded security and automations, it helps organisations manage compliance, risks and security requirements easily, at scale. 

It means teams can focus on developing applications and leaving the governance and maintenance to Nordcloud. They benefit from fully-functional and on-going patching and updates to ramp up their landing zone setup in as little as 3 weeks instead of 3 months.

Why Nordcloud + GCP?

What else do you need to know? We’re a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Managed Service Provider and Authorised Training Partner. We have a proven track record helping businesses migrate, modernise and scale leveraging Google Cloud services and capacity.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can support your business goals using Google Cloud, contact us here.

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