Nordcloud Receives New Advanced Specialisation for Cloud Security

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Nordcloud’s recent achievement of the Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialisation demonstrates robust security competency.

Nordcloud’s knowledge, experience and abilities have been found by Microsoft and a third-party assessor to produce strong security solution offering across Azure, Hybrid and multi cloud.

What is the Microsoft Cloud Security Advanced Specialisation?

Microsoft partners can achieve specialisations that validate their technical expertise in important skill areas. Earning the Cloud Security Advanced Specialisation demonstrates that a partner has the skills and experience required to provide comprehensive protection for their customers, whether on Microsoft Azure, a Hybrid setup or on multi cloud resources. 

Why Security?

Strong security and protection against cyber threats have always been top priorities for those working with cloud - providers and customers alike. This is only getting more important every year. 

Our cloud native and agile approach is all about supercharging our customers’ success with the power of the cloud. But as well as driving major value for clients, we prioritise reducing risk and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to security and compliance. 

Why Microsoft + Nordcloud?

Nordcloud is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert MSP. We were chosen by Microsoft as Azure Infra Modernisation Partner of the Year in 2022 and have accrued experience on a variety of Azure projects and focus areas:

You can find out more about our relationship and experience with Microsoft here, including how we supported Porsche Informatik to achieve Azure results in a downloadable customer success story. 

Both Microsoft and a third party assessor affirmed that Nordcloud’s advanced knowledge and proven track record with Microsoft cloud security products met with their high standards and was deserving of the Cloud Security Advanced Specialisation. 

Final thoughts

As well as showcasing our expertise and getting priority access to Microsoft sales engagements, obtaining an Azure advanced specialisation allows Nordcloud to drive confidence with customers. It also opens doors to financial benefits that can help accelerate our customers’ business growth through potential project funding.

“Azure cloud is very secure. Every customer also has additional security requirements and needs. With our deep knowledge of Microsoft cloud security products, Nordcloud can help to protect our customers’ cloud environments against cyber threats. 

Implementing extensive cloud security protections can be a daunting responsibility for customers. We apply our expertise, experience and skills - as well as industry and Azure best practices - to support our customers through this important part of their cloud journey.”

Sari Aumo
Vice President Partners, Microsoft

To find out more about Nordcloud’s Azure offering, contact us here. 

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