A Powerful New Approach to Cloud Security

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Cloud opens up whole new ways of working through process automation, data enablement and team collaboration. At the same time, rapid adoption of cloud-based operations can open organisations up to an expanding and evolving threat landscape.

Malware, ransomware and other bad actors are just part of the problem. Cloud environments are highly dynamic and can greatly magnify network vulnerability, making it difficult to get comprehensive visibility of potential threat vectors. And the fact is, many agent-based security solutions can’t scale alongside these processing demands.

Want comprehensive security posture management that can scale? Introducing Nordcloud’s new partnership with Orca Security

Orca Security delivers cloud security fast – and at a fraction of the operational cost. Its 100% agentless security solutions provide full-stack, deep visibility into AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms. You can deploy it in less than 5 minutes, and it adds value out of the gate.

It’s a single, unified solution that can detect every important security risk at every layer of your cloud estate

With Orca Security, you can: 

  • Replace multiple solutions and legacy vulnerability assessment tools
  • Achieve 100% visibility and coverage of the organisation’s entire cloud estate
  • Make data actionable to support decision making

Another key reason we’ve chosen to partner with Orca Security is that it sees your cloud environment as an interconnected web of assets to be protected. In addition, it provides a single pane of glass for vulnerability management, so you get a full set of cybersecurity categories with automatic critical checks and compliance adherence that free up your teams.

And this is just the start of the Nordcloud/Orca Security story

We’re big believers in the importance of evolving and optimising your use of cloud – whether it’s through modernisation, Kubernetes, application development or analytics. Orca Security shares that ethos, and its solutions constantly evolve to manage new threats and permutations of old attack tactics.

Want to get this level of protection?

Contact Rickhard Alen to learn more about cloud security posture management and our new Orca Security partnership.

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