The future of cloud security, the Nordcloud way

With people’s interest in and use of technology growing at supersonic speed, it’s even more important that there’s continuous development in areas like security. Nordcloud, as Europe’s cloud-native leader, is driving significant growth in cloud security. So, what precisely is so remarkable about our approach?

Nordcloud’s security practice doesn’t sit still – because techniques and threats don’t sit still either

So on the one hand, we have growing size and scale. We continue to add the most intelligent cloud talent to our team, and will have doubled in size by the end of the year. 

On the other hand, we have a deep-rooted commitment to quality. And that doesn’t just mean building a team of top-notch security specialists. It also means finding people thrive in an agile culture and love working with a diverse group of cloud ninjas with different specialisms. Because security doesn’t sit in isolation – it’s intrinsic to everything we do. 

Plus, there’s the innovation side – in terms of cloud service design and delivery

Here’s an example. We’re a pioneer when it comes to landing zones, and one of our objectives is to design a landing zone that has full, in-built compliance with regulations and standards. In addition to compliance and governance design, we aim to expand our service offerings for continuous security operations. 

In a nutshell, our Big Hairy Audacious Goal in this area is to become the industry leader in cloud security

Our cloud security community is helping us achieve that. It’s a forum for knowledge sharing, empowerment, skills development and careers advancement.

Current Nordcloudians – contact me to get involved! And all you other top-notch cloud security experts out there – come along with us on the journey! Check out our Careers site and join the fun ☺

Beyza Bayam-Trojanowska
Beyza Bayam-TrojanowskaSecurity Consultant @ Nordcloud
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