Free Cloud Security Spotlight helps organisations manage the threat upsurge

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Nordcloud – the European leader in cloud services – has launched a new assessment to help companies address unidentified information security vulnerabilities in the cloud. 

The new assessment is a free service for IT and data security leaders. 

The assessment answers 2 fundamental questions facing IT leaders and their teams:

  • “How do we know if we’re doing enough on cloud information security?”
  • “What aren’t we doing that we should be?”

It has 3 components that address these issues and help secure investment for enhanced security:

  • Validating your public cloud information security controls against a best-practice framework covering technical, operations, architecture and governance considerations
  • Showing holistically where your blind spots are
  • Providing you with a short business case presentation you can take to stakeholders – summarising your position, what it means from a risk perspective and what those risks could cost the business if not addressed

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated information security risks

Nordcloud has launched this service in light of increased threats during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jan Kritz, Nordcloud CEO, said: “People tend to assume their information is secure, but breaches can happen to anyone. There’s been a 400%+ uplift in attacks since the start of the pandemic, with risks increasing due to remote working and other changes.” 

“As risks and risk models change, companies must ensure their information security models have evolved appropriately. But the problem with validating that is: you don’t know what you don’t know. This new assessment shows you the blind spots with your cloud security and gives you tools for negotiating the resources needed to address them,” Jan continued.

Organic cloud adoption means many organisations are more vulnerable than they think

Ilja Summala, Nordcloud CTO, said: “With so many companies, cloud adoption has been organic. Information security protocols are in place, but a small security and governance team ends up fighting to maintain control as the rest of the organisation leverages the agility and flexibility you get with the cloud. Faster public cloud adoption, partially driven by coronavirus-related changes to working practices, has made control more complex. 

“The Cloud Security Spotlight helps you seize the control you need – and gives you a business case for embedding more automated and principle-based approaches to information security risk management.”

The Cloud Security Spotlight is a springboard for enabling innovation while maintaining the right controls

Ilja added: “Companies are having to shift to an approach that considers security by design with a cloud-native mindset. This enables you to innovate quickly with peace of mind the right controls are in place. The assessment is a springboard for enabling this.”

“For example, your cloud data foundation can centralise access and privacy controls for data integrations. A managed DevOps tooling service makes it easy to integrate security tools, with DevSecOps enabling secure development pipelines. A cloud landing zone enables secure delegation of authority and infrastructure to developer teams. And automation and tooling take the pressure off of teams while reducing the risk of human error. That way, as you leverage the cloud, you’re integrating security into your entire digitalisation lifecycle and journey,” Ilja continued.

The Cloud Security Spotlight is an assessment designed for business at all levels of cloud maturity – from initial migrations and cloud foundations through to application development and multi-cloud deployments. The output presentation is designed to help IT leaders secure investment for enhanced information security.

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