Avoid Costly Cloud Bottlenecks

Cloud migration and modernisation projects often suffer because the projected business case isn’t realised, analysis paralysis stymies progress, and/or complex interdependencies create risk.

And the causes behind these issues were preventable.

This insight helps you pre-empt these situations, so you overcome the wall of doubts preventing you from capitalising on the cloud.

The guides analyse major false assumptions that cause unnecessary cost, delay and risk when migrating and modernising. The insight will help you:

  • Capitalise on quick wins
  • Reduce ongoing technical debt
  • Save money on labour, licences, management and infrastructure
  • Drive sustainable value
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Tackle false assumptions that cause unnecessary cost, delay and risk

Change your thinking on these areas, and you’ll be in a stronger position to capitalise on cloud.

Overcome the migration wall of doubts

Data centre migration to the cloud

  • You have to choose between lift-and-shift and a big modernisation initiative
  • You don’t have the budget for migration
  • Migration planning is a long process
  • Migration is only about infrastructure
  • Migration disrupts operations and process flows
  • Traditional IT skills will easily transfer to the cloud
  • An on-premises managed services approach translates to the cloud
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Overcome the app modernisation wall of doubts

Modernising applications to the cloud

  • Buying commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) is better than a customised modernisation
  • You need a detailed planning exercise before getting started
  • You don’t have the budget for modernisation now
  • You should prioritise applications based on age and cost
  • You should try to stick with one cloud platform
  • Legacy ways of working prevent you from modernising
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Tackling these false assumptions will help you:

Save money

Through reduced hardware, software and labour costs

Reduce risk

With improved business continuity and more robust security

Boost agility

With the ability to adapt quickly and easily, so you can serve customers cost-effectively

Deliver customer value

By offering customers new ways to engage and enabling people to extract more value from data

Speed up time to market

Thanks to flexible architecture and faster development cycles