Frictionless Delivery of Software.

Go from production to delivery to customer – in record time.


We put the ‘rapid’ in ‘rapid application development’

Say goodbye to frustrating bottlenecks, orchestration and rollbacks. With Nordcloud, you get shorter development cycles, increased release velocity – and better results for customers.

We’re Kubernetes experts and DevOps pioneers who help you develop and deploy cloud- native, serverless software efficiently and strategically. That way, the business can truly leverage the value potential of the cloud, delivering services  that open opportunities and drive revenue.

Here’s how a Chief Digital Officer described their experience with us: “We got our product to market in 6 months instead of once a year, and we can now confidently release new code up to 10 times a week instead  of once per quarter. We now spend less on managing our IoT infrastructure and less on the hosting itself. We’ve roughly halved the cost of developing and delivering software.”

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Why Nordcloud

Faster time to market

We’re cloud pioneers with a
100% cloud heritage. You
get better, faster, more
sustainable results because
you have cloud natives
guiding your journey.

Empowered teams

We’re commercially focused, using proprietary tools and technologies. This helps your teams deliver software that maximises the value potential of the cloud.

Objective advice

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms, so you get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack – and is based on your best interests.


The key to rapid application development

DevOps is embedded in our approach, helping you bring a robust solution to market quickly. You therefore reduce cost, time and risk because you’re leveraging the right architecture, tooling and methodology. You also increase value thanks to the continuous delivery, faster issue resolution and more stable operating environments. Learn more about our DevOps support.


We make it easy to scale, manage and deploy containerised applications

When you partner with Nordcloud, you benefit from proven best practices for all aspects of Kubernetes-based operations. Your developers can focus on applications instead of infrastructure, thanks to our templated approaches to security, network isolation, microservices architecture, CI/CD integration, logging and monitoring. Learn more about how we help with Kubernetes.

Case Study


Migrating BOB’s IT infrastructure to AWS

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The Agile Enterprise: Leveraging the Cloud to Benefit from a DevOps Culture

This guide is a technology leaders ideal introduction to DevOps implementation and management. The tips will help you make the most of DevOps to shorten development and innovation cycles.

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Get insight on topics across the cloud journey – from migrating and modernising through to building value and reducing risk.


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