Empowering a fintech start-up to build a new digital money app.

  • Grew cloud skills
  • Developed seamless teamwork & support
  • Created a robust foundation to suit industry’s best practices



Project Summary.

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The client.

MyAhmed is a socially-conscious fintech on a mission – to build a digital money app for the 21st-century Muslim.

Backed by financial services experts with decades of experience, MyAhmed aims to create an exceptional user experience tailored for the unique needs of this customer base.

Project background.

MyAhmed knew that cloud-native was the way forward, but they were fintech experts and not cloud experts. This meant they needed a partner to help them with the initial landing zone build.


My Ahmed were looking for a partner with deep experience in fintech and an understanding of the required security and reliability standards. But they also needed the right fit. MyAhmed wanted to work with a company that was 100% cloud-native and had synergy with the entrepreneurial ethos of a fast-growing and ambitious company. 

Importantly, they also needed an enthusiasm for knowledge transfer, so the internal dev team would be empowered to manage ongoing app production once the landing zone was in place.

We didn’t have internal experience building on cloud. We needed a partner to design the infrastructure with us. We needed them to already know fintech. And we needed knowledge transfer to our internal team as our business developed. Nordcloud managed all that in the most collaborative way possible.

Jad Salha

Founder & CEO, MyAhmed

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Commercial model

In addition to their technical requirements, MyAhmed was focused on developing the right commercial model for their build and ongoing consumption.

As Jad Salha, MyAhmed’s CEO said: “Ongoing cloud costs across capacity and managed services can be like a black box. And when you’re a start-up, you don’t want surprises. Nordcloud helped us understand granularly what commercial model would work best for us and what the spend would be at each stage.”

Landing zone build

We worked closely with the MyAhmed team to establish requirements for test environments, production environments and other technical aspects of the build.

Then, we set up the landing zone and associated accounts, ensuring knowledge transfer took place on a daily basis to prepare the MyAhmed team for ongoing production.

Ongoing support

Through the landing zone build process, we gave MyAhmed the strong technical, governance and security foundation needed to power production.

Once set up, we handed the landing zone over to their in-house dev team for the build. We we were on hand as needed to help resolve issues and support them as they developed and applied their new AWS knowledge.

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Nordcloud’s extensive expertise across fintech as well as cloud infrastructure, technologies, security and processes supported MyAhmed’s successful system design and landing zone build. They’re now able to proceed with app development knowing they have the right governance and security in place.

With our ongoing support, MyAhmed continue to develop their in-house knowledge as they build the app. Having started with almost no cloud experience, they’re now getting real value out of AWS. For example, they’re now using AWS-native applications to automate pipelines, so devs can focus on coding with confidence that everything works as it should.

Thanks to the partnership, MyAhmed is now able to build a fast, reliable and secure digital money app that delivers a seamless user experience to its community.

Nordcloud has been on hand to help whenever we needed it. Whether it was messages on Slack or calls at short notice, they helped us resolve issues quickly so problems didn’t block progress on the build. It’s important to have someone who can help when you’re stuck and under pressure, and Nordcloud has been there for us throughout the process. 

Kareem Ghazal

CTO, MyAhmed

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