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Optimising SAP on Azure.

Look to the horizon and the future is SAP on Azure. This means preparing your business for SAP S/4 HANA built on high automation, security and scalability. Our methodology for SAP on Azure ensures that your cloud infrastructure and operating model is fully optimized for the cloud, helping businesses move successfully.

What are the building blocks of the solution?

Operating model

Define an operating model to run your SAP infrastructure in Azure with the proven cloud enablement workshop.


Provide automation to easily provision virtual environments for SAP projects with our Cloud Foundation setup.


Migration and replatforming of the SAP infrastructure and applications to Azure with assessments and migration services.

Managed Services

Ensure that your SAP application, application servers, cloud infrastructure are functional, compliant and secure and manage infrastructure costs with our managed services.

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Why could this be so valuable to your business?

Cost Management

Easily provision, deprovision and scale SAP environments to pay only for the infrastructure you need at a given time.


Automation of SAP infrastructure and application setup provides instant and consistent provisioning of environments globally for development, testing and production needs.

New capability

Extract the full value of SAP data with Data & AI while developing new capabilities. HANA certified hardware ensure that you are prepared for any future business needs for SAP.



Quickly scale to changes in application load to guarantee consistent performance at optimal cost. Improved disaster & recovery scenarios to ensure that SAP is always available.

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Free Workshops & Webinars .

Navigate your path to SAP success

In this 1-2-1 workshop  you will have access to industry leading SAP and Microsoft Azure partners who are ready to help navigate you on the path to success.

All too often, with a traditional vendor, SAP can become a real hinderance to your business with slow processes, unnecessary costs and legacy models of operation.

However, if you look to the horizon, the future of SAP on Azure is truly cloud native.

Navigate your business to SAP on Azure

In many cases, large GSI’s can turn your SAP projects and services into rigid, slow and ineffective processes. So how can you avoid the storm and navigate yourself to agile SAP on Azure?

Nordcloud is partnering with SAP Gold Partner Islet Group, ensuring that you have the most trusted partners in Finland to help deliver SAP on Azure.

Please note this on demand webinar is in Finnish.


Case Study

Harmonizing Azure architecture and onboarding services, including SAP Platform, to Managed Cloud.

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Our SAP Guide

In this E-book we  take you through the building blocks of SAP on Azure in order for you to increase agility, security, scalability, and cost savings.

2 day starter workshop

In this in depth 2 day session we will identify the key elements in your current SAP environment and optimal cloud capabilities needed to drive better adoption. The session will also help quantify the real ROI for your business, while planning an effective program for SAP on Azure migration.

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