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    Why book a 1-2-1 session?

    In this FREE session you will have access to industry leading SAP and Microsoft Azure partners who are ready to help navigate you on the path to success.

    All too often, with a traditional vendor, SAP can become a real hinderance to your business with slow processes, unnecessary costs and legacy models of operation.

    However, if you look to the horizon, the future of SAP on Azure is truly cloud native.


    It means you maximise the value of SAP with new development and automation, true scalability and cost optimisation.



    Key takeaways from the session

    The best of the best partnership

    Navigate your business to SAP on Azure

    Nordcloud is partnering with SAP experts from SAPBASIS, ensuring that you have an experienced SAP transition partner to help deliver SAP on Azure. By working in partnership with both Nordcloud and SAPBASIS, you get the leading industry expertise and proven track record of both SAP expertise and Microsoft Azure. We can assess the right options and recommended next steps for you towards cloud and HANA with a proven transition approach based on knowledge, experience and automation.

    Why could this be so valuable to your business?

    Cost Management

    Easily provision, deprovision and scale SAP environments to pay only for the infrastructure you need at a given time.


    Automation of SAP infrastructure and application setup provides instant and consistent provisioning of environments globally for development, testing and production needs.

    New Capability

    Extract the full value of SAP data with Data & AI while developing new capabilities. HANA certified hardware ensure that you are prepared for any future business needs for SAP.


    Quickly scale to changes in application load to guarantee consistent performance at optimal cost. Improved disaster & recovery scenarios to ensure that SAP is always available.

    Partner Success Story

    How did Louis Poulsen complete a SAP migration to Azure in just 3 months?

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