Digital Design.

Our end-to-end digital design service combines human-centric design with technical expertise – so you deliver a seamless user experience.


Great digital services require impeccable user experiences

When you work with Nordcloud, you get design experts who don’t just think big, they also think achievable. We challenge assumptions, look beyond the obvious and distil complex scenarios into clear priorities and human-centred experiences. That way, you get great design that’s also deliverable – so the result has a positive impact on people and your business.

You also get value from our cloud-native approach. We have full capabilities from design thinking to front-end and back-end development – and from application creation to digitalisation-driven transformation. Our advisors and UX experts work alongside infrastructure specialists, developers and data analysts. So from early concepts to final code and pixel-perfect visuals, you get a multidisciplinary team delivering solutions that delight customers and drive value.


Faster time to market

Our design sprints bring clarity to chaos and turn ideas into prototypes quickly. We uncover hidden insights and co-create innovative concepts to delight your end users and boost your business.

Insight-driven approach

We combine design thinking with customer and business insights and data – and apply the most relevant design and delivery methods.

Controlled scalability

Design systems save time, reduce costs and give customers a unified experience. They enable you to scale development volume and speed – while keeping everything user friendly and maintaining control.

What makes a designer a Nordcloud designer

We want to make an impact. We like making complex things beautifully simple and meaningful. We’re people-oriented and human-centric. And we get an adrenaline rush out of seeing designs in action.

Sound like you?

We’re looking for like minded people to join our expanding team. Learn more about opportunities at Nordcloud.

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