3 Lessons from the Frontline of NHS Digitalisation

Global Toy Brand.

Expanding and streamlining digital capabilities by enabling greenfield Gen AI.

  • Scalability

Cloud-based generative AI platform can be deployed, used and managed globally, at the touch of a button.

  • Compliance and Security

Sensitive company data is transferred, leveraged and shared securely across the global internal network. 

  • Agility

Shared platforms with collaborative processes and systems, so operational needs are streamlined.

Project Summary.

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The challenge.

The global toy brand’s CTO challenged Nordcloud to build an internal GenAI platform for 1,000+ employees using AWS, Azure and a number of external SaaS providers, to boost productivity across all departments.


The company wanted to enhance and streamline its existing capabilities through GenAI adoption, sharing and deployment — so it needed interoperability on a global scale.

To achieve this, it wanted external experts to work seamlessly with its in-house teams to help the company move onto a totally bespoke, cloud-based GenAI platform. 

Innovation at speed

This needed to be deployed efficiently and at scale, without any downtime or drop in productivity. The company wanted the ability to innovate and produce tangible workloads and assets in the form of applications — in days and weeks, not months — to bring about enhanced, business-wide operational efficiencies, streamline processes and save both time and manpower. 

In parallel, the company wanted to encourage staff to think about what innovation might be possible when using GenAI and its full range of capabilities. 

Watertight data security

The whole new global platform needed to be heavily engineered and customised, to meet the company’s necessarily stringent cybersecurity requirements.

Solution priorities.


A multi-cloud application platform that will simultaneously enhance the company’s capabilities and streamline its operations. 


The ability to roll out new workloads, processes and applications at speed, to make the whole business more flexible, more agile and quicker to react to opportunities, so it can innovate faster.


Distribution, expansion and customisation of GenAI-focussed application ideas at the touch of a button, repeatedly.

The applications of Gen AI.

Text and image generator.

Enabling over 100 designers to produce high-quality, innovative, digitally watermarked concepts with unprecedented efficiency. This is to enhance both the quality and creativity of designs and surpass the capabilities of existing, traditional methods.

Voice interface and generation.

Voice User Interfaces (VUI) enable enhanced communication between humans and machines through voice-based interactions. This means processes can happen quicker, regardless of where or how many team members are involved.

Creator space – No-code platform.

A no-code platform for developing custom GenAI applications, operable for even non-technical employees. This needed to have built-in, fine-tuned models, as well as components for RAG, SaaS providers, API, database access, and more.

Developer space – GenAI application builder.

A place to develop, build, scale and monitor enterprise-grade GenAI solutions in the form of applications, quickly and safely — and with global interoperability.

Training and hackathons.

Alongside the provision of staff training, empowering staff with prompt engineering models, skills and GenAI application development, to foster a community adept in harnessing AI for enhanced productivity, resulting in innovative approaches and practical applications across various domains.

A single database.

Systemised operational capabilities were enabled with the creation of a global platform. This meant every team could work in the most streamlined, optimised way possible — as individuals, teams, regions and collaboratively across the world.

Method: Consulting & integration platforms.

  • Project strategy and validation

    Nordcloud conducted business and user research to understand both usage and requirements. We then delivered solution architecture and select cloud services using multiple hyperscalers, to ensure the new system is integrated with the broader global digital estate. This resulted in the creation of a RAG-enabled AI chatbot and image generator using Azure OpenAI and AWS Bedrock for 300 users.

  • Creation and scale-up of GenAI platform

    A platform framework for application development with templated GenAI models and services was then delivered, alongside a no-code platform for non-technical employees.

  • Strategic partnership

    As well as building and deploying tailored solutions, Nordcloud delivers advice and help alongside a strategic level of discussion on cloud and GenAI topics, on an ongoing basis.

The results.


The company is now more agile and remains where it wants to be, at the forefront of its industry. Its operations and innovative capabilities are now significantly enhanced,  thanks to the creation of a systemised operational GenAI platform.


Nordcloud has not only built apps for the team, it’s also given them the capability to build its own apps in-house, by creating templates for it to use, on an easy-to-use, globally interoperable platform.


Moving forward, it is fully supported by a team of dedicated cloud experts at its disposal, who are not only on-hand in a consultative, problem-solving role, but also provide thought leadership when required, with the aim of propelling the business forward as efficiently as possible.


From a cybersecurity perspective, all new systems and capabilities are both extremely secure and very stable, as well as standardised and cost-efficient.

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