Nordcloud partners with Microsoft to unleash the power of AI for Azure

Nordcloud, Europe’s fastest growing public cloud provider and the Nordic market-leader has teamed up with Microsoft to boost the spread of AI for Azure across the continent.

Nordcloud helps customers to complete AI projects faster and at lower costs with the use of Microsoft Azure

AI projects with complex deep learning problems consume vast amounts of computing capacity and traditional hosting solutions are not sufficiently agile to meet this demand. Nordcloud has wide experience of working with the Azure platform and developing innovative services with and for its clients that use the power of AI. The company’s past projects have included helping customers with AI-related challenges such as recommendation engines, classification and natural language processing.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service offers a fast-growing range of Platform Services for AI, machine learning and IoT development that can substantially boost businesses’ adoption of these technologies, including the potential for creating innovative, market-disputing business models, and for the revenue-boosting, cost-cutting benefits they bring.

The entire Azure AI stack in use

Nordcloud allows customers to make use of the entire Azure AI stack, creating scalable intelligent services and adding cutting-edge smart features to existing solutions in a fast, agile manner with the total cost of ownership benefits only cloud services can deliver.

AI is set to be the main engine for the next generation of digital services that will deliver more data-driven decision making, better customer experiences and new problem-solving paradigms for challenges that are beyond the scope of traditional programming.

Many of the tools available come ‘pre-taught’, in other words, they’ve already been fed vast quantities of data so their machine learning is already advanced. This cuts the time it takes to fine-tune tools for specific applications.

AI creates competitive advantage to early adopters

“Nordcloud has already delivered AI projects for its clients,” says Microsoft’s Cloud (for Finland) and Enterprise Business Lead Antti Alila. “This is important to stress: AI is here and now and helping businesses innovate and gain a competitive edge.” “Nordcloud has partnered with Microsoft for jointly deploying Azure AI-based solutions for our enterprise customers.”

A recent report by the global consultancy McKinsey highlighted the competitive advantage created by early adopters of AI and the growing gap between them and companies that had failed to grasp the opportunities.

“Of the more than 3000 customers McKinsey surveyed only one in five is using AI” says Nordcloud’s CEO Jan Kritz. “Fewer than one in ten is using machine learning, which is the area seeing the greatest investment into AI. Moreover, it’s the bigger companies that are investing most readily.”

By leveraging Azure’s world-class AI infrastructure and services, Nordcloud aims to help a much wider range of businesses to embrace the potential of artificial intelligence. Nordcloud and Microsoft will be working together with Nordcloud’s clients to spot opportunities to build the next generation of cost-effective, scalable, intelligent AI-powered digital solutions.

Sari Aumo
Sari AumoVice President Partners, Microsoft @ Nordcloud

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