Navigating AI: How to take the next step in your cloud journey

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The integration of AI has become not just a possibility but a necessity for businesses striving to remain competitive. But, when we think about AI now, we need to consider how customers are really using it within their unique cloud journeys.

Getting AI into Production

The accessibility of AI technology has massively improved over time, making it relatively straightforward to incorporate AI into various business processes. However, the true challenge lies in harnessing AI's full potential to drive big value across all operations. It means integrating AI solutions into production environments in a way that’s secure, scalable and repeatable across an organisation.

With this in mind, the cloud market is moving towards prioritising ethics and governance. AI is not just a tech thing - it’s also an administrative consideration, so we need to factor in responsible AI implementation and governance frameworks.

Navigating the next step in your cloud journey

Businesses need to adapt to emerging trends and technologies, both now and in the future. That hasn’t really changed. And, regardless of their starting point, organisations have a myriad of opportunities to leverage Azure to drive value for their business.

However, many businesses find themselves at different stages of their cloud journey, with some having stalled along the way. The surge in AI development over the past year has kick-started the momentum for cloud adoption once again, forcing businesses to prioritise their cloud journey once again. The intersection of AI and cloud technologies means that public cloud is unavoidable as a strategic priority.

What’s changed?

Not too long ago, using machine learning (ML) was seen as unattainable for most companies - due to the high costs associated with hardware and on-premise tech infrastructure. 

However, with the advent of cloud solutions - like those available with Azure - coupled with readily available skills, tools and resources, ML adoption has become more accessible and cost-effective than ever before.

What’s one of the main challenges?

We’re seeing friction between:

  1. Agile-driven business units seeking rapid project delivery, and 
  2. IT departments facing resource constraints and pressures to standardise operations. 

Central to the successful adoption of AI is collaboration between business and IT teams, ensuring alignment between technological capabilities and business objectives.

How do you set up for AI success?

Part of this is putting the right foundations in place so that AI solutions can be scalable and secure, wherever they are built within an organisation.

By establishing secure AI landing zones and fostering a culture of responsible AI usage, organisations can mitigate risks and drive sustainable growth.

At Nordcloud, we've spent a decade refining our cloud foundation, culminating in the integration of AI for production environments. Our secure landing zone for AI is designed to scale with your business, offering a robust framework for responsible AI implementation and ethical decision-making.

Our AI landing zone provides a solid foundation for big business applications, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and securely in the cloud. With features like easy setup, managing resources, and keeping AI use responsible and ethical, businesses can trust that their data is safe while they focus on getting the most out of AI technology.

Nordcloud’s Secure Landing Zone for AI

Enterprise Scale Application Landing Zone delivers:

  • Azure OpenAI Governance & Compliance
  • Cloud Network Security & Connectivity
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Logging and Threat Detection
  • Responsible AI and Ethics
  • Self-service deployment
  • Asset Management
  • Data Protection

Automation is the key here

So that's what you need to do. The question is: how do you set up to pull this off?

Well, it's all about setting up what we call an Internal Developer Platform (IDP), which can be done through a Platform Engineering team. And the the real game-changer here is automation.

It's what lets us provide developers with Azure reference architectures they need, all through self-service. So, developers don't have to rely on IT team time, or even fully grasp the nitty-gritty of services like AI to use them. It means they can dive right in and make the most of these services, while things like security and compliance are taken care of, which is especially important when rolling out AI.

By combining automation with Azure reference architectures, you can essentially ride the wave of IT changes to your advantage. And we've been delivering this for customers. For example, we've been working with a major automotive company where, since 2020, we've been implementing an IDP. It's helped the company set up over 6000 application landing zones with this approach, enabling an impressive 99% automation rate.

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