Meet our first graduates from Nordcloud Talent Acceleration

At Nordcloud Talent Acceleration, we provids a fast-track learning program enabling people to become a cloud expert in just 6 weeks.

Our first Cloud Engineer track kicked off in June 2018 and will soon be followed by two more Cloud Engineer tracks starting 27.8.2018 and 1.10.2018, and a Cloud Developer track starting 27.8.2018.

You can apply and find more information on these coming programs here.

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Let’s talk a bit with the first graduates about their experiences on the training program

We asked the graduates:

  1. Why did you apply for this program?
  2. How does this differ as a training program, what is unique about Nordcloud Talent Acceleration?
  3. What happens after the program?
  4. Would you recommend this to your network and why?

Harri Lakkala

  1. For me this program meant a return to a more technical role. I have a background in IT across many roles, as a software developer, as a sysadmin, and my last role was working as a consultant. But I was interested the future and being on the cutting edge and learning about cloud services – Nordcloud Talent Acceleration program offered all this and a possibility to get real work experience in actual customer projects.
  2. I think it is courageous and awesome that Nordcloud created this training program as I have not seen a similar program anywhere in Finland or even Europe.
  3. From what I’ve understood, there is a real shortage of cloud professionals, especially of seasoned Cloud Architects at the moment. This program aims to tackle that problem both for Nordcloud and the trainees – it’s a real win-win.
  4. What makes this unique is that you are a salaried employee from day 1 (including the training period), unlike in trainings supported by TE-keskus or others, and we get extensive AWS trainings with excellent trainers.

Read more on Harri experiences in Harri´s blog post ‘Taking the fast-track to become a cloud expert’

Chigozie Nwogu

  1. I am an I.T professional based in Stockholm Sweden, having worked previously within the area of Telecommunications and IP networks. I applied because of my interest in working with public cloud technologies, the opportunity to get trained by industry leaders in this area, and the career growth opportunities Nordcloud Talent Acceleration offers.
  2. The quality of training has been great. What I especially find unique is that Nordcloud provides several non classroom based activities such as talks from management and sales teams, sessions with experienced cloud architects, and team bonding activities. This gives a well rounded educational experience.
  3. After the training, my ambition is to be assigned to projects and become cloud ninjas within the shortest amount of time! 🙂
  4. Yes, most definitely, I would recommend this program. Why? because this is a unique and great opportunity to actualise your ambition of becoming a cloud expert.

Daniel Ssekasiko

  1. I applied for Nordcloud Talent Acceleration because I wanted to acquire skills and experience  within the public cloud, I have worked with traditional IT-infrastructure mixed with software development along with projects in Electrical engineering/Telecommunications. With that basis, this program suited me perfectly. I have always had a lot of interest working with virtual environments and therefore Cloud Computing. When Nordcloud Talent Acceleration surfaced, I gladly took up the opportunity and applied.
  2. Nordcloud Talent Acceleration is a special program compared to other training programs because of its carefully tailored fast track plan that only takes 6 weeks coupled with theory and labs to impact the participant with top notch skills within the cloud. The program exceeded my expectations because I didn’t think that this kind of training could provide me with these sorts of skills in such a short time period.
  3. After the training, I’ll go into the Cloud industry to work with Nordcloud.
  4. I would gladly recommend this, because it’s fast track plan that runs for just six weeks. Participants will receive well crafted theory with relevant on point labs equipping them with the right skills within the shortest possible time.

Ilkka Kaartinen

  1. I moved to London little over a year ago and started looking for a new job. Previously I worked as CIO of Eira hospital in Helsinki, Finland. Through various contacts I ended up in the training to get more experience in cloud.
  2. This training program is really intensive and gets through in just few weeks modules that normally take up to half a year. I find the program very interesting and well made.
  3. After the training I am continuing working with a client I have worked with throughout the program.
  4. Yes, I would recommend this program, especially for experienced IT professionals. This is not a trainee program and it is suitable for anyone who wants to find new direction in their career. It’s also very interesting to see what different backgrounds the Padawans have as well!

Philip Ejenarhome

  1. I have always been interested in cloud and wanted to gain knowledge and competence in that field.  Once the opportunity to train and become a cloud guru in 6 weeks became possible through this program,  I did not have to think twice, I just followed my passion.
  2. The approach to the training gives you a rich mix of theory and implementation and you get to put the theory to practice at once. You get the opportunity to participate in workshops with senior colleagues and the opportunity to innovate during the program. You’re also getting hands on experience with real life customer problems.
  3. After this training I will continue working with customer cases.
  4. I would recommend this, one million procent 🙂

Petri Laakso

  1. I have a background in traditional IT, but friends recommended cloud technology to me. They said it is the future and a good career move!
  2. We have had time to get to know new theories and systems without any pressure and I can safely say the fast-track training program has been a positive experience. There is also time to catch up and get familiar with things. We have been given the tools for studying and learning, for example: AWS-accounts to actually test and try things yourself without having to cover the account costs oneself.
  3. I will be working with a customer after this training, which means I am employed already.
  4. I have recommended this program already to my network, especially to those who have the potential and interest in cloud.

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