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Realise the potential of IoT and bring your factories into the cloud.

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Ready to realise the potential of Industry 4.0 and IoT, but lacking the skills or resources in your business, or struggling to clearly define the use cases, show the value, or understand the costs? We’ll help you get started. How? Watch this video to find out:

We can help with your journey to cloud, starting with a discovery assessment. .

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Working with the right partner can solve your problems.

You really need a cloud partner that understands the full picture and can manage your transition to a smart factory. 

Why? Well, it’s important to have proven cloud expertise, frameworks and tools across each of these areas:

Nordcloud cloud services

Enable digital capabilities

Power new capabilities and collaboration in the cloud

Combine data, integrate systems and processes, and make decisions based on cross-functional information. Leverage specialist partners and suppliers across the industry ecosystem. 

Nordcloud cloud services

Managing & optimising data

Build new data capabilities and enable valuable insights

Get more out of your data, by centralising it in the cloud and managing data at all stages of the lifecycle. Leverage native hyperscaler tools to boost analytics capabilities and establish new data interfaces.

Nordcloud cloud services

Ensure security, governance & compliance

Adopt security tools and processes to protect your systems

Build stringent security capabilities for this new hyperconnected world. Adopt failsafe tools and methodologies that improve the security of your devices and data, without slowing innovation.

Bringing smart manufacturing to the cloud.

You’ll also need to gain a strong overarching view of the opportunities, obstacles and what’s needed to deliver ioT cloud integration across the supply chain, product lifecycle and value chain.


Supply Chain.

Use cases: Benefits:
Inventory forecasting
Shipment & tracking
Maintenance & repair
Quality control
Storage optimisation
Improve efficiency
End-to-end transparency
Mitigate risks
Improve sustainability
Reduce costs

Product Lifecycle.

Use cases: Benefits:
Remote monitoring
Quality control
Predictive maintenance
Resource management
Ecosystem connectivity
Reduce downtime
Enable forecasting
Improve quality
Faster decisions
Improve energy efficiency

Value Chain.

Use cases: Benefits:
Market insights & forecasting
Data-driven innovation
Predictive after-sales
Condition monitoring
Customer insights
Customer loyalty
Boost revenue
Improve innovation
Increase marketing effectiveness
Increase market agility

Why Nordcloud?


High-velocity innovation

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage, so you have cloud natives guiding your entire journey. The result: increased developer velocity and faster digital transformation – which means accelerated competitive advantage.

Reduce Risk

Overarching view

We don’t just execute – our transformation advisory experts understand the full end-to-end picture will map a business case that drives real value for your business. And we work with specialist industry partners to help you benefit from effective, scalable and flexible cloud solutions.

Global cloud leadership

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms and a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. You therefore get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack and strategic ambitions.

We’re trusted by 170+ manufacturers.

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Get started.

We can help with your journey to cloud, starting with a discovery assessment.

During this full factory assessment, we’ll cover:

✔ Network topology
✔ List of all devices, sensors, HMI etc.
✔ MPPM security report
✔ List of vulnerabilities & unpatched devices

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