Cloud Core # 11 – What’s the environmental impact of cloud? And how do we make it better?

Podcast • 1 min read

In this episode we dive into the real impact of IT and cloud operations - and what can be done by companies and hyperscalers to make this impact better. We’re joined by Tanja and Quentin - two of Nordcloud’s eco warriors 🥷🥷, who answer things like:

  • Why should companies be putting sustainability at the top of their agendas?
  • How do different industries compare?
  • What are the actionable steps that leading companies in this space are taking?
  • What are the cloud providers doing?
  • What legislations should companies be thinking about?

And Tanja shares some takeaways from her recent work with a major company in this area 🚀.

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Ilja Summala
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