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Cloud Cloud
“Before joining Nordcloud, I was a big fan of the podcast. And now I’m super-buzzed about hosting Cloud Core, and really enjoy talking with our incredible guests every month. It’s a chance to hear what’s going on in our space, in a really understandable way.”
Wojciech Peek
Host of the Cloud Core Podcast

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Fresh audio gold

Expert discussions, helpful insights, and fresh opinions, in an easy-to-understand format.

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We’ll keep you in the loop with recent happenings and trends from our corner of the cloud.

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Cloud natives

You’ll hear from some of the most talented and passionate cloud-native experts.

Who’s the host?

Wojciech has over a decade of IT service delivery management experience under his belt. In his current role as Customer Success Manager, he combines his passion for cloud technology with his strong communication skills and eagerness to serve his customers. And he finds time every month to host Cloud Core, which he loves.

Wojciech PeekLinkedIn
Customer Success Manager