AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner.

We are proud to be identified as an AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner, which recognises partners who have built strong AWS Marketplace Channel practices.

Why AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace named “Leader” in SaaS cloud marketplaces – breaking new ground and offering a new way to streamline SaaS buying, while increasing efficiency and lowering risk.

Businesses are modernising their software portfolio with the help of trusted consulting partners, such as Nordcloud, who can support them in finding, testing, buying and deploying solutions on the AWS marketplace.

With professional services now available in AWS Marketplace, there is a simplified and centralised way to purchase and be billed for both software and services.

Nordcloud can support customers using AWS Marketplace to implement, migrate and secure their software in the cloud.

AWS Marketplace addresses three main challenges:

Innovation and Agility

Increase development speed and efficiency. Gain access to a variety of software, machine learning and data products that help you tailor innovation.

Governance and Visibility

Enhance procurement transparency to see which software you own, who can access this software, and how to control costs.


High Technology Costs

Flexible pricing available with no commitment trials and pay-as-you-go pricing so you only pay for what you use.

Why Norcloud?


Our cloud-native experts have a proven track record helping companies leverage AWS for their SaaS platform, enabling you to supercharge your innovation and drive your business forward.

Highest Partnership Level

As an AWS Premier Partner Nordcloud has the backing of AWS SaaS Factory tool kits for optimising your journey to SaaS. AWS Marketplace is transforming the way organisations approach software discovery.

Speed to Value

Nordcloud has a proven track record in this space, helping companies including Lumesse, Talend, Tacton and Axiomsl move to a SaaS model, delivering value to customers quickly and efficiently.

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