Nordcloud takes the cloud revolution to Gothenburg and Tampere



Leading cloud transformer Nordcloud opens new offices in Tampere, Finland and Gothenburg, Sweden. The new teams are part of Nordcloud’s plan to double the number of its cloud experts in the next 18 months.

By expanding to new areas, Nordcloud gains access to great markets both business and employment-wise. Gothenburg a large and rapidly evolving manufacturing industry with  many exciting opportunities for the leading cloud transformer, whereas Tampere area is a home to the second largest base of ICT-experts in Finland.

We are already working with some of the biggest companies in Sweden, but by establishing presence in Gothenburg we are ready to acquire more larger accounts. The heavy manufacturing industry in the city is definitely a fascinating market for us.

 Hans Christoffersson, Azure Team Lead of Nordcloud Sweden

The universities in Tampere area have produced numerous high-level specialists, whom we can offer interesting projects. In the long run we also want to serve local clients, but our primary goal is to hire senior cloud architects and developers.

  Harri Lakkala, Site Manager for Tampere office

Altogether Nordcloud plans to recruit over 500 additional cloud experts to its European teams over the next 18 months. At the moment Nordcloud employs more than 400 experts across 10 countries. In February 2019, Nordcloud received €20 million in funding to fuel its international expansion and portfolio development.

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