Nordcloud nominated ‘Preferred AI Training Partner’ by Microsoft



Microsoft has nominated Nordcloud as a preferred AI Training Partner on the topics “Azure Machine Learning”, “Batch AI” and “Team Data Science Process”.

The topics are covered e.g. in the 2 day “Professional AI developer bootcamp”, where participants are learned how to use the Azure Machine Learning Workbench to develop, test and deploy Machine Learning solutions to Azure Container Services using an agile and team-oriented framework.

Why Microsoft for AI?

Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service offers a fast-growing range of Platform Services for AI, machine learning and IoT development.

Microsoft´s AI platform consists of 3 core areas:

  • AI Services: Developers can rapidly consume high-level “finished” services that accelerate the development of AI solutions. Compose intelligent applications, customised to your organisation’s availability, security, and compliance requirements.
  • AI Infrastructure: Services and tools backed by a best-of-breed infrastructure with enterprise grade security, availability, compliance, and manageability. Harness the power of infinite scale infrastructure and integrated AI services.
  • AI Tools: Leverage a set of comprehensive tools and frameworks to build, deploy, and operationalise AI products and services at scale. Use the extensive set of supported tools and IDEs of your choice and harness the intelligence with massive datasets through deep learning frameworks of your choice.

Azure AI

Download our guide: Steps needed to build an AI enabled solution in Azure here 

We’d love to help you to boost your business with the adoption of AI technologies

You may find yourself in a position where you need a fully customised option but lack access to some of the specific expertise required. In that case we are available to advise and where appropriate, help directly.

Nordcloud offers a range of services from managed service provision through to full cloud-software project management and execution. Just as you’re sure to find a suitable development option within Azure, we can offer you whatever support you need for your AI/ML project.

Contact us for AI training and consultation!

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